This Dog Knows How to Rock Out on the Drums

I wasn’t always a rock star. I started out with a dream and a human who believes in me. Lucky for me, she already had this wicked drum set-up and is a good teacher. I knew the first time she played that the drums were my destiny.

We started slow. She had to adapt the drumsticks for me. And to be honest, when I used to hear about drumsticks, I thought it was because I was getting some chicken for dinner! These drumsticks are a part of my craft, so I learned really early on that they aren’t like regular sticks and I shouldn’t be chewing on them. (As my human likes to say, she isn’t made of money — whatever that means.)

The bass drum is the one that really booms. My human is able to move her arms, legs, and feet all at the same time, but I like to focus on each part of the drum set by doing it one at a time. That way I can really feel the music and do a “bang up” job when we perform. Haha — I’m also a pretty funny dog!

In the entertainment industry, I’m what they call a triple threat. That means that I can play, and sing, AND I’m super adorable. I can do it all. My human understands my unique talents and wants me to share them with the world. I don’t want to become too famous though, because that leaves less time for belly rubs, chasing squirrels, and rolling in smelly things. Having a work/life balance is important to me.

Being famous is only fun when you have a strong family behind you. My human knows that I would give up all the stardom and fame if it got in the way of us being happy. Sure the screaming fans are nice, but I’d still rather have time with my human. She smiles whenever I give her kisses, and her pockets always carry treats. As long as we can make good music together, there’s nowhere else I would rather be.

Take it from this rock star — you’ve got to march to the beat of your own drum, even if that means putting down the sticks every once in a while. Music is in my soul, but knowing that my human is happy… well, that stays in my heart.