These 15 Cute Dogs Wearing Backpacks Are Ready for a Hiking Adventure

We dogs love to go on hikes, especially if we get to go with you. But before you head out the door with us in tow, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. I mean, not all of us are trail ready.

  1. Pre-hike readiness: Always consult with my vet before the hike, pick trails that are appropriate for dogs, and make sure you’ve helped build up my stamina.
  2. My backpack: Ensure that it fits properly, watch the weight, and load it evenly.
  3. Food and water: This is especially important on backpacking trips, when we need extra fuel and are likely to be the one carrying it.
  4. Beware trail hazards: Be aware of excessive heat, creatures like poisonous snakes, and toxic plants.

1. “Oh, yeah, Joe. It’s stunning. I can sit here and look at this view all day.”

siberian husky


2. “Mom, you can call it a backpack all you want. This is your purse, and I look silly carrying it on my collar.”

terrier outside


3. “Dad? Is this what it’s like to scale Mt. Everest?”

yellow lab on mountain


4. “I’m coming. Hold your horses. I mean, I’m loaded up like a pack mule!”

happy dog


5. “I definitely don’t need them. But I look way cool in these aviator glasses.”

dog standing on rocks


6. “This stuff is pretty heavy. Can we stop at this lake for a quick drink?”

backpack dog


7. “These sunglasses are awesome! I’m never taking them off!”

chihuahua with glasses


8. “You never told me we’d be getting wet! Next rest stop, I’m putting on my wading boots.”

dog carrying bags


9. “I really don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to sit here looking cool.”

smiling dog in grass


10. “Wow! I can see our house from here!”

dog in landscape

11. “Wait! Don’t forget me! I even packed the giant pencil holder, in case we want to write in our journals.”

schoolboy dog

12. “I really don’t have anything in it, but it looks so cute with my dress that I had to wear it.”

little dog and backpack


13. “I mean, it’s cool when we go out on hikes and stuff. But do I have to wear it around the house?”

shiba inu wearing backpack


14. “No, I didn’t pack the binoculars. Why would I pack the binoculars? Why didn’t you pack the binoculars?”

dog hiking


15. “But you said we were going on a hike. I packed up my backpack and everything.”

cute puppy sitting