Smart Parrot Feeds Spaghetti to Hungry Malamute Dog

A lot of people think that dogs and birds don’t get along (I assume this is because those stinky cats try to eat them all the time). Sure, some of us wouldn’t mind chowing down on a feathered friend, but me? I love those little critters. Especially this one.

Mom adopted her from the bird rescue and promised she would come to a good home (and she sure did!)

I’ve been over the moon since she has been here, mostly because she helps me get to the snacks that I can’t reach due to my lack of wings and the fact that I’m too bulky to be on the countertops.

Sometimes she forgets to share her snacks with me, but that’s okay. She just needs a gentle reminder.

Usually, after I ask her once or twice, she doesn’t need to be reminded again (This is one of the many reasons she’s such a good bird).

I love watching her slurp up noodles, though. It’s so interesting! Where are her teeth? I have to ask my mom.

Okay, I checked with mom. Birds don’t have teeth! She said that some birds, like the Double Toothed Kite, are named that because they appear to have teeth (but they aren’t real).

But in reality, they aren’t teeth like mine. So how do birds eat, then? Right now we are sharing noodles and they are soft, but I know I’ve seen this birdy eat some tough stuff.

Guess I’ll have to run back and ask my mom about this one, too.

Oops, I accidentally tipped mom off to what we were doing. I was on the ground like a good boy, so I’m not really the one in trouble here.

Anyway, I checked with her on how birds are able to eat without any teeth (I thought it was witchcraft, my mom said it was science. Really though, what’s the difference?)

Okay, back to the question. This is so weird, but birds don’t chew or grind their food with their toothless beaks at all! They swallow their food whole, and their stomach is the one that chews it up for them. These are some strange critters.

Uh-Oh! My brother is in on the secret! Now we’re going to have to share with him, I guess. I don’t know if birdie will be too happy about it though, she’s already copping an attitude with me for asking her to share her noodle snacks.

Time to tattle on my brother and get him put outside. Those noodles are mine!