Rabbit and Dog are Adorable Best Friends That Like to Cuddle

I can’t imagine a life without my furry fren, Miss Rabbit! She and I are basically inseparable, and she is just the cutest, funniest little animal.

Sure, we are an odd-looking pair because she is so tiny (and I’m sure some dogs would even try to eat her!), but I would never lay a paw on that little critter.

Plus, she gives some great ear scratches! I just have to be careful with her. I sat on her once and she was not happy about that! I made up for it with some ear pats (she loves having her ears patted!) and, of course, a nice big lick on da wiggly nose!

That’s her sitting on my back, she’s hard to spot! We are a very similar color, so she tends to just blend right in. It is helpful for when she is trying to hide from our hoomans.

We’ve learned to communicate over the years and let me tell you something. Bunnies have some heckin’ funny jokes!

One of my favorites that she always tells me is “How many magicians does it take to pull a rabbit out of a hat?”

The answer is “one! It’s a trick question!”

That one makes me laugh until my sides hurt!

I even share my toys with her, and I don’t do that for anyone else! Especially not that darn kitty.

Last year, the kitty tried to attack my rabbit fren! I told her to never do that again, or she’d find her new home outside the house.

My rabbit fren does need to be protected sometimes, especially when it gets dark in here. She’s very easy to step on, so I make sure she is put away in her rabbit house to avoid any accidents.

Sometimes I forget to put her in her rabbit house, and she makes sure to stay right by my side (mostly to avoid that darn cat).

It does get a little annoying when she licks my nose while I’m trying to sleep, but I put up with it because I love her (and because I am a good boi!).

Once I wake up, I’ll go ask mom for a carrot. I love to feed her those and watch her teeth move. She gets to nibbling on them so fast that I can hardly see them! My favorite part is when she wiggles her nose back and forth.

There just isn’t a piece of this little bunny that isn’t the cutest thing in the world! Best frens for life, she and I!