Puppy Pals Get Ball Out of a Hole in a Tree

Oh no! Hey, human, you know that ball we were playing with? Well, I think it ended up in that hole up there! I saw the ball go flyyyyying up, but I didn’t see exactly where it landed. But you know what? I can smell the ball in there! And you know what else? I bet I can get it for me to play with, along with my friend, more! I’m a pretty big doggy, after all. There’s no reason why I can’t just jump up into that tree to get the ball. Are you ready to be impressed, human? Because you’re about to be picking your jaw up from the ground.

Hey, I did a great big jump on my first try! Hello in there!!

Oh, I can’t wait to get this ball back. I’ve had it ever since I was a little pup. Remember when you got this ball for me, human? This was for my six-month birthday. That was even before you had even adopted my brother yet! It’s my all-time favorite toy – which is why I’m going to make sure I save it! I’m so close already…

That was a really big jump- I can’t believe I couldn’t get the ball. Oh well, I can try again. I’ve been practicing my jumping for years! Jumping onto couches, jumping onto beds, onto porches. I’ve gotten so good it, and I’ve been teaching my brother how to, too! It’s hard work, and takes lots of concentration. Of course, you need to have big strong legs, too!

To get this ball, I know this is going to take an EVEN BIGGER jump so I can stick my head through that hole. That ought to do it! This time, stick around and watch me, human. You will be very impressed with what you see me do! I’ll make a huge jump and dive right into the hole. Don’t worry, bro- we’re getting our ball back!

I’m in! I’m in! I can taste the ball- it’s right there! I’m going to grab it in my mouth and do one of my super jumps to come back down. This took a lot of practice, too – learning how to land from a big jump. I practice a lot on the stairs in our house, almost sprained my ankle, but it was worth it! You think cats always land on their feet? That may be true, but doggos can, too!

There! See? I told you I’d get our ball back! I knew I could do it!

Now that we have the ball, we can play again! It’s always fun to wrestle over the ball! Let’s just make sure we don’t throw it too high **cough, cough** “we” means you, human **cough, cough**, or it may get stuck in the tree again! But even if it does, don’t worry. If it ends up back there, I can just jump right back up there and get it!