Mom Offers Baby A Treat If He Says “Mama”, Dog Says It First

Do you know what’s even more amazing than a baby’s first words? How about a dog’s initial phrases! This lovely dog is much smarter than he appears!

He’s able to name his mother and request food! What an amazing ability! Who would have guessed that a dog could talk like this? What we do know is that you won’t want to miss out on this video!

While his pal the dog sits next to him and gazes at the food hungrily, this mother tries to teach her baby boy to say “mamma” by feeding him delicious dishes. Dogs will do anything for a bite of food.

australian shepherd dog

The mother is persistent in her efforts to teach her son to say mamma, but the dog is more determined to get his favorite food after he utters the so-desired word.

The baby opens and forms his mouth in an attempt to pronounce the word, but he is unable to do so. That’s why someone else will upstage this little human companion and utilize his tenacity and skill to achieve what he wants most. At one point, the dog may be heard exclaiming, “mamma” instead of the kid.

australian shepherd dog

When everyone is laughing at what the dog has just said, the baby becomes jealous and furious, and he smacks the dog on the head because no one can grandstand for his mother’s attention but him.

Did this exceptionally gifted dog get his just treat for what he did? We can only hope he did, because he completely deserves it. It’s not like we hear dogs talk every day. This is a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, so his efforts must be properly acknowledged.

australian shepherd dog

We’ve all been in a situation when we’d do anything for food. It appears that this dog attempted the impossible to gain some of that food, and he chose to speak! When dogs ask for food, it’s easy to disregard them, but can you ignore their appeal when they talk to you?

Dogs are funny and memorable, as this video demonstrates! This is one clip that will be remembered by both the family and everyone else on the internet!

australian shepherd dog

The owners must obviously take excellent care of him; taking him for long walks, playing with him, and even feeding him the finest dog food when he isn’t begging for people’s food!

Dogs communicate with us in many ways, including through vocalizations, body language, and scent. Dogs use vocalizations to greet us, tell us when they’re happy or excited, ask for what they want, or indicate that they’re afraid or in pain.

australian shepherd dog

The frequency of a dog’s talking will depend on the breed, age, and personality of the dog. Some dogs talk more than others. Puppies usually start to vocalize more as they get older and learn how to communicate with people. Talkative breeds include Boston Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, and Beagles. Dogs that are constantly bombarded with questions from their owners may also be more likely to talk frequently as a way of trying to get some peace and quiet.

Dogs communicate with us by making various sounds and gestures, but there’s no evidence that they’re trying to ask for food in particular. It’s more likely that they’re trying to get our attention so we can provide them with what they need or want. For example, a dog might bark or whine when it wants to go outside, or when it sees someone it knows and wants to say hello.