Kinetic Dog Food Review 2021: Best for Active Dogs?

All dogs are different, each unique in their way, not just in their specific breeds, but in their attributes and personalities. Because they are so different, their needs are different, too. These differences are why there is a seemingly endless array of foods, each one promising to deliver the right mix of ingredients for an individual dog’s needs.

Kinetic is a company that does just that, providing premium dog food made specifically for high-energy dogs, be they sporting dogs or working dogs. High energy dogs need food that can help them maintain that energy throughout the day, and Kinetic dog food is formulated to do that.

A Look at the Company

In 2012, established dog food makers Dave Dourson and John Howard established 3-Amigos Nutrition Group after noticing a need for a niche market food for high-energy dogs.

While working with trainers, breeders, and nutritionists, the pair created Kinetic dog food, optimizing its ingredients to provide better performance and helps both working and sporting dogs maintain their high energy levels.

One of the biggest problems that owners of these types of dogs faced was having to feed them large amounts of food several times a day to avoid their dogs crashing and losing their energy. Dourson and Howard recognized this and created a food that doesn’t focus on breed type, age, or even flavor but instead focuses on energy levels. By producing food high in both protein and fat, they can provide the right nutritional needs to active dogs without the need to be constantly feeding them.

What’s in Kinetic Dog Food

What’s in Kinetic Dog Food

All responsible dog owners are concerned with what they are feeding their dogs, and for good reason. Everyone wants a happy and healthy pup. So, what goes into a food that is made specifically for high-energy dogs? Let’s take a look.

  • Protein: Dogs are carnivores, and they all require some amount of protein in their diet. Protein is important for any dog to build and maintain muscle tone and strength. It should go without saying that overly active dogs need more protein, not only to maintain this tone and strength but to stay fuller longer and maintain energy for longer periods between feedings.
  • Fat: Fat is another major source of energy for dogs. While some might avoid dog foods that are high in fat out of fear that it isn’t good for their dog, owners of high-energy dogs understand that it is essential to help their dogs maintain their energy levels throughout the day.
  • Complex Carbohydrates: There is a big difference between the regular carbohydrates found in many dog foods and the complex carbohydrates that Kinetic uses. Carbs are yet another essential source of energy for a dog, but most regular carbs found in ingredients like corn, wheat, and soy are ones that are quickly absorbed and used up by high-energy dogs and will often result in an energy crash between meals. Instead, Kinetic uses whole grains, brewers rice, and brown rice. These complex carbs do more than help maintain energy levels. They also provide quality fiber for good digestive health.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Kinetic uses quality fruits and vegetables to provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to ensure that active dogs get the proper amount of nutrition needed to stay in shape.

The Kinetic Dog Food Product Line

The Kinetic Dog Food Product Line

Because Kinetic dog food is designed specifically for the niche market of high-energy, high-activity dogs, it’s not surprising that they keep their product line to a minimum. Instead of producing many different lines to cover all dog’s nutritional needs, Kinetic’s lineup of foods is focused on just four so that they can concentrate their efforts on producing the best food possible.

1. Kinetic Performance Active 26K

The 26K in the name refers to the percentage of protein content in the food. This amount is the lowest percentage out of any of the food lines that they offer and is designed specifically for hardworking active dogs with intense periods of activity lasting between one and two hours.

Kinetic Performance Active 26K uses a variety of animal-based proteins from chicken meal, chicken by-product meal, fish, and egg to keep your dog in top physical condition. Some dog owners may be put off that this food contains chicken by-product meal because by-products can be sourced from any part of the animal. That said, they provide a natural source of glucosamine, something essential for dogs that put above-average levels of strain on their bones and joints.

This food also contains a healthy dose of whole grains and naturally sourced fats like fish oils and sunflower oils. Fish oils help reduce the chances of allergies, can relieve allergy symptoms and dry skin, and promote heart health. Sunflower oil is rich in omega fatty acids that can provide an extra source of energy and help maintain a healthy coat.

2. Kinetic Performance Power 30K

If your dog works, hunts, or competes, the Kinetic Performance Power 30K is formulated with them in mind and made to help them maintain their energy levels over long periods of activity without them having to eat constantly.

Not only is the Power formula higher in protein than the Active formula, but it is also considerably higher in fat, meaning your dog will have an easier time maintaining energy levels without experiencing the dreaded crash.

Like their other formulas, Power 30K does not contain any corn, wheat, or soy, ingredients that are often considered fillers and provide your dog with very little if any nutritional value. Because it doesn’t have these ingredients, it means that the formula is also suitable for dogs with weight problems, allergies, or sensitive stomachs.

Again, as with its other formulas, Power 30K does contain chicken by-products, something that people tend to want to stay away from, but in the case of highly active dogs leads to better performance and longer-lasting energy levels.

3. Kinetic Performance Ultra 32K

Kinetic Performance Ultra 32K

With a big bump in both protein and fat, the Kinetic Performance Ultra 32K takes the best of the other formulas and pushes it to the max, making it the ideal formula for dogs that see prolonged amounts of high-stress activity in the area of 3 to 4 hours at a time.

Of course, this formula uses the same chicken by-product meal that we’ve already discussed with the other formulas, but instead of using fresh chicken as its main ingredient, Ultra 32K uses chicken meal.

Again, some dog owners may look at the chicken meal as the first ingredient as a bad thing, but it is essential to maximize the amount of protein the manufacturer can get from the meat. Simply put, a chicken meal results from cooking the chicken and eliminating water from it. Because of the reduced moisture, the food retains its nutrient content while containing more protein than raw chicken of the same weight. Chicken meal and any meat meal for that matter are often looked down on by some dog owners because they’re not fresh, raw meat, but it isn’t as bad as it is made out to be. The meat is still fresh, just cooked instead of raw.

4. Kinetic Performance Puppy 28K

 Dog owners understand that a key factor in having a healthy and happy dog is their nutrition as a puppy, which is why Kinetic didn’t ignore the puppy stage when it comes to creating food for high-energy dogs.

Because puppies can grow at a sometimes-alarming rate, they can often go through growth spurts that can put a tremendous amount of strain on their developing joints, bones, and muscles. Kinetic Performance Puppy 28K will give your puppy the perfect blend of protein, vitamins, and minerals needed to help develop properly without any unnecessary strain.

Like their other formulas, Kinetic uses chicken and chicken by-product meal to produce the majority of the protein, but where the puppy formula differs is the use of sorghum to include some plant-based protein as well.

To help support a growing puppy’s need for a lot of energy, Kinetic also uses several different complex carbohydrates to ensure that they can maintain their energy throughout the day.

While the other products in Kinetics line are geared toward adult dogs with higher-than-normal activity levels, you can use the Puppy 28K for any medium to large breed, no matter what their activity level may be.

These days there seems to be specific dog food for whatever type of dog you may have, whether they’re small breed, large breed, sensitive, or allergic, you can find food that suits their needs. Very few companies today do what Kinetic does when it comes to providing highly active dogs with the right nutrition to sustain them throughout their day. It’s a niche market to be sure, and Kinetic has done an excellent job of establishing itself as one of the best in that market.