Kind Woman has Built over 100 Wheelchairs for Disabled Pets

What’s one thing that you never see in the media? Disabled pups! It’s a shame, because there’s honestly so many of us, and we have just as much energy and personality as our four-legged friends do. And since a lot of people forge about us, it means it’s harder to find the tools we need to get around more easily.

But lucky for us, there’s a woman in my village who makes wheelchairs for dogs like us! She works hard every single day to get these wheelchairs, and trust me, the make life so much easier!

We usually run around and play while she works on these chairs. The closer she gets to finishing them, the more excited we get! We’ve seen other dogs around town with these, so it’s so exciting to see ours being made! Today it’s my turn. I’ll finally be able to go all over town without getting tired!

I’ve seen her come home with all the supplies. I have a hard time understanding all the human words, but I know that everyone in town is happy to help her with building these. I’ve seen other people come by on other days to help, and I never see her handing that paper stuff that humans trade to get new things. Sometimes people will even come by to play with me and my friends while we wait! I think everyone likes what she’s doing.

Aaaand the latest one she’s made is done! Time to go for a spin (get it?)! All she has to do is plop us into the chair! They act like a new set of back legs, so I can move and turn using my paws easily.

Oh my gosh, it’s perfect! I don’t think I’ve been able to walk like this… ever! I was born this way, so I’ve always been used to missing a leg. Is this what I’ve ben missing out on?! Now I don’t have to worry about losing my balance, or my back leg getting too tired. I see why every pooch in town is crazy about these! I can go super fast now, too! Look at me go!

There are pups like us all over town that are moving around this way now! We’ve become a full-blown community! And the best part? When people see us in the streets with our humans, more people will learn about this lady and will be able to take their own furry friend down for a new set of wheels! This has been an amazing gift that she’s given us, and I can wait to tackle the world with my new chair!