Trying To Get Your Kid Ready For Bed? This German Shepherd Can Handle It

Ever wondered why dogs like little humans so much? Well, let me tell you why: I think it’s because we think they look so adorable! We start to see human pups almost like our own pups, and we just wanna protect them! We wanna make sure they grow up to be big and strong, just like our own puppies.  Take my human’s little one, for example. They’re growing fast, but he’s still so small. Because of that, it’s part of my natural instinct to keep him protected.

So I usually follow him around the house, and he follows me around too. We are a pretty inseparable team! Whether he’s eating, sleeping or playing, I’m close by to keep him safe! You never know when he might need some more food, or someone to scare away the monster under the bed! It’s the best, spending time with the human pup. Sometimes he talks to me about all sorts of things, and I always make it a point to speak back to him, so he knows I’m listening and agreeing with him.

Other times, he wants me to get a towel for him, and because I’m such a good boy, I always bring the towel. So it’s now our special thing. He knows he can rely on me to keep clean and dry!

Little Human Wants a Towel

You might be wondering why I help him so much. Well the answer is simple! I love my small human! He’s my buddy, and we’ve spent so much time together ever since he was born. I guess I’ve gotten a little protective of him, too. It makes me wanna dote on him all the time.

A big time I like to help is during bath time. So every day when it’s time for bath time, I follow him into the bathroom. I don’t actually get in the tub with him because it’s not bath time for me (thank goodness). Instead, I wait patiently while the little human gets himself clean.

And I know he’s finished bathing when he asks for a towel. The poor thing can’t just shake himself dry like I do, so he always needs a drying towel. I love giving him a helping paw in situations like these, when he can’t do it for himself. You know what else, he always says “please” – that’s the magic word! And since I don’t have my own hands, I have to grab the towel with my mouth.

My little human is such a sweetie and is always so pleased when I bring the towel to him. He’s so appreciative of the help I give him, which only makes me want to do it more! I love making him happy. The best part is when he calls me a good boy, and I feel so proud of myself! I can tell the grownup humans are happy at our friendship too.

I always wait to see if he needs help with anything else. If he doesn’t I still stay close by – just in case! I’ll usually just go back to my spot on the floor, and wait patiently as the small human dries himself and is ready for another round of fun and games.

I hope he knows I love him so much! I would fetch the towel a hundred times if he needs me to. I won’t even complain one bit. I just want to make him happy!