Honest Dog Raises Paw When Asked Who Created a Mess

I try so hard to be a good boi, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

Today, my dad left me home alone. I promised him I would be a good boi, and I did try my best!

But, alas, I succumbed to my desires and I did me a bad thing. Well, I had good intentions, but based off of his reaction, it was a bad thing.

Maybe he won’t notice?

Just let me explain, okay? What happened was… well, you see… I mean… The mailman dropped this off! I noticed the writing on it and it looked just like a bill.

Every time the mailman drops a bill off at the house, my dad gets mad and puts his head in his hands. Then he goes to work for even longer! I miss my hooman when he is at work all day long.

So, when I saw the mailman drop it off, I snuck over to the mailbox, pulled it out, and started chewing.

If the hooman doesn’t see the bill, it doesn’t exist, and he can’t go off to work… right? Right!

I am going to confess to my crime. It was me. I did it. I destroyed the bad bill. You should be thanking me, hooman!

I… I don’t think he is very happy with me. I’m not sure why… I worked really hard on ripping that bill up!

Did you see how many pieces of paper there were all over the ground? I mean, that took me at least five minutes to do!

I could have been chewing up shoes, but instead, I tried to help, and I still got into trouble.

This is the face of a very guilty boi. I hope he will go easy on me. Maybe he will just take my snacks away?

You know, I’m just not sure why he is this mad at me for trying to help! Sure, there were other ways I could have gone about this. Like hiding it in the closet, or pushing it under the couch…

Maybe next time I’ll do that instead of ripping it up into all of these little pieces. Now he wants me to help him clean it up! This just goes to show that no good deed goes unpunished.

Sometimes he is just so ungrateful for all of my hard work.