Golden Rewards Dog Treats Review – What is the Best Choice

Treats are a wonderful thing. As dogs, we can’t get enough of them. And our humans love them too, not in the same way that we do but rather to use as a reward for our good behavior or as a training tool.

Treats are something that all dogs respond to well. Because of that, our humans are always on the look for the next best one. And that’s great for us because we get to try new things, and who doesn’t like that? I was recently introduced to Golden Rewards treats and thought, what better way to show my appreciation than put together a post about them? Golden Rewards offers a few flavored treats, so let’s have a look so you can determine which might be the best choice.

An Overview of Golden Rewards Dog Treats

Golden Rewards Dog Treats are a Walmart specific brand of dog treats designed as a healthy option for rewarding your pup. While some dog treats can also be a meal supplement, Golden Rewards Dog Treats are to be used as a reward or for training purposes. They use real meat, and the jerky treats come in five mouthwatering flavors, Chicken, Duck, Beef, Sweet Potato with Chicken, and Sweet Potato with Duck. Each uses real meat and is infused with vegetable glycerin and salt to amplify the flavor. The two sweet potato options are from a combination of meat and real sweet potato. Golden Rewards boasts that it uses no by-products, artificial flavors or colors, or other additives often found in dog treats, therefore providing dogs with a healthy alternative to many treats on the market. Because they use real meat, Golden Rewards jerky treats offer a high protein, low-fat snack for your pup.

Which Golden Rewards Treat is the Best Choice

Golden Rewards Treat is the Best Choice

Now that we have a good idea of what these treats are and how they differentiate themselves from other dog treats on the market, so let’s see what might be the best choice. Below is a list of the five different kinds of Golden Rewards jerky treats, listed in order from top choice to least popular based on what customers had to say. Remember, just because it is on the top or the bottom of this list, it doesn’t mean that they are better or worse, or good or bad. All offer the same great quality. Ultimately the best one is going to be up to your pup and their taste.

1. Golden Rewards Chicken Jerky Treats

Golden Rewards Jerky Recipe Dog Treats

All five of the treats on this list have very high customer ratings, the Golden Rewards Chicken coming out on top with an overall rating of 4.8 stars. People love the fact that these treats are made with big chunks of real chicken that even fussier dogs enjoy. Many customers mentioned that jerky pieces are quite large and should be broken into smaller pieces instead of given to your dog whole to avoid choking, especially with smaller dogs.

2. Golden Rewards Duck Jerky Treat

Golden Rewards Jerky Recipe Dog Treats, Duck

Coming in a very close second, the Golden Rewards Duck Jerky Treats also hit a customer rating of 4.8 stars. The biggest reason these treats are not in the top spot is that duck is an acquired taste, not only for humans, but for dogs too, and some dogs, even ones that aren’t picky, don’t like the taste of the duck. Jerky can also be a treat that can be difficult for some dogs to chew. Combine that with not liking the taste, and some dogs gave up on this treat.

3. Golden Rewards Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato

Golden Rewards Sweet Potato Wrapped with Chicken Dog Treats

In the middle of the pack is the Golden Rewards Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato. With a 4.7-star customer rating, it was not far behind the top two. Often after giving their dogs a treat, owners realized that it became their favorite and the only one they would eat. These treats may not be the best for smaller dogs as they can be difficult for them to chew and often break off in big chunks, which could be a choking hazard.

4. Golden Rewards Duck Wrapped Sweet Potato

Golden Rewards Sweet Potato Wrapped with Duck Dog Treats

Like their chicken wrapped counterparts, the Golden Rewards Duck Wrapped Sweet Potato also posted a 4.7-star overall review. The duck version and the chicken version can be considered the same treat other than the choice of meat. And like the duck jerky, this treat can have an acquired taste and was not a favorite of all the dogs that ate it, but it was still popular enough to have a high rating.

5. Golden Rewards Beef Jerky Treats

Golden Rewards Chicken, Duck & Beef Jerky Recipe Dog Treat Variety Pack

The Golden Rewards Beef Jerky Treats also got a 4.7-star overall rating, so these last three could be interchangeable on this list. These treats use real beef and offer the same healthy snack as all the others, and dogs love them just as much as the others too. Maybe the biggest downfall is that you can only purchase them in a variety pack that contains the chicken and the duck jerky treat, so you have to buy all three to get the beef flavor, and if your dog doesn’t like one, or both of the other flavors there could be a lot of wasted treats.

If you’re looking for a new treat for your pup, you can’t go wrong with any of the mentioned Golden Rewards treats. These are a healthy alternative to many dog treats on the shelves these days, and there is sure to be a flavor that your pup will love.