Goggle Wearing Dog Enjoys Fun Jet Ski Ride with Dad on the Lake

My human loves jet skiing! I used to just like watching from the sidelines, maybe try and catch a fish with my paws while he did his thing, but this time, it was my turn to ride! I guess my human had been planning this for a while – he had a life jacket and water goggles that were just my size! I felt a little bulky at first, but I got used to it. It’s not very different from the silly Halloween and Christmas costumes he puts me in every year.

And here. We. Go!

First my human has to get things started. Makes sense; they haven’t invented dog-steered jet skis yet (but mark my words, they will one day!). My human makes sure we both have all the equipment that we need, and that we’re all strapped in tightly. They may call it the doggy paddle, but I am not about to try to show you my swimming skills in these waters. Nope, it is going to be a safe and dry jet ski ride for me, thank you very much!

He starts slow, which I’m grateful for. I certainly don’t have my sea legs yet, so the last thing I need is to be flung off the side of the jet ski because I don’t have my balance yet! This is a nice, enclosed lake, too. So even if I were to fall off, the shore’s right there. Safety first, kiddos!

The best part of this is that my human decided to let me stay up in the front steering this jet ski, so I’m up at the front, feeling like Jack from Titantic. I’m king of the world!

Looks like he’s got a GoPro set up to capture the action. I love these things! They let you see everything from a different view, and you don’t have to worry about doing the recording yourself! Have you ever tried to film yourself swimming, and then let your phone get a little too wet? Yeah, that happened to my human here like a year ago. Glad to see he learned his lesson and upgraded.

Phew! That was a fun ride! I really hope my human takes me out to do this again soon. I got to see the whole lake, see some people, and now I’m going to have cool footage to show my friends when they come over! They’re gonna think I’m the coolest in the group (and, let’s face it, I am. How many dogs do you see doing water sports?? Those frisbee players and stick catchers have nothing on me).

Once my human and I are done here, I’m gonna take a nice long nap. This might be fun, but it’s hard work staying on the jet ski! Totally worth it, though!