Dog Shows Off Fashion Sense On Carnival Ride

It is not every day that you see such a stylish diva like me riding around on carnival rides, but here I am! I love to get dolled up whenever I go out, even if its to a carnival! What can I say? It’s what an icon does. I hope my human caught some pics for the ‘gram – my followers love seeing my latest ensembles!

I’m not sure why I stick out so much at the carnival – there’s tons of people in costumes here! I know I’m a fashion icon and all, but I can’t say I was expecting this much attention. Buuuuut I can’t say I mind, or that I blame them. These people have good taste, and know quality fashion when they see it!

Oh, wait, am I getting attention because I’m alone? Thaaaaat might be it. I guess that makes sense. How often do you see a dog such as myself, decked to the nines, and all alone? Typically I have an equally-fashionable human with me, but she went to grab some fried dough and meat for us while I went on this ride. But I’m sure the outfit helps, too.

Ah, well! Let them stare! I can’t blame them at all for wanting to see this fashion star have such a blast. Maybe it’ll inspire them to do the same with their pooches, too! Dogs love fashion just as much as humans, and nothing makes us happier than having our fashion grab the attention of others. So any humans out there reading this, try getting your poochie all dressed up, and take them out! They’ll love the attention, trust me. I’ll even take it a step further. Get them set up on Instagram! Doggie fashion influencers are all the rage these days.

When the ride was over, my human came to get me, food in hand. Mmm-mmm! After all that work trying to stay in that spinning duckie, I was famished! I was happy to just sit on a bench, eat and enjoy the night! I saw some humans recording me, so maybe this video will end up on Instagram or a blog or something!