Dog Quickly Becomes Best Friends with Newborn Horse Foal

So as a dog, naturally I have plenty of pastimes. I gotta stay active and busy! And one of my favorite things to do for fun is to play with other dogs at the dog park or even at neighbors’ houses and see which one of us can run the fastest.

It’s. The. Best!

No two dogs are alike, so I always get a new challenge each time. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I lose, but the most important part for me is having fun.

The most exciting thing is when I meet a new creature to race! I’m an extroverted dog, so it’s always a blast to introduce myself.

I Sniff the Creature

So recently, I met a really tall dog! My humans kept calling her a “horse”. I’m not familiar with that breed, but wowza, look at those legs! I already know I’ll never win in a race against her.

But that’s not going to stop me from trying!

She was super friendly, too. She immediately introduced herself back, and started chatting me up. I guess her parents have humans ride on their backs sometimes? Her family must be super strong.

How Fast Can She Run?

I told her all about my life too, about the humans that I live with, and the things I do for fun and to keep busy. She was really nice, listening to me and wanting to get to know me. Yep, it’s official – we’re gonna be best friends!

And once the pleasantries were done, I knew I had to pop the question: did she want to race me later today?

And she was all over the idea! She loves running – in fact, her parents taught her how to run really fast, so I guess she’s super good at it. I wanna see just how good she is!

The Creature Chomped on My Back

Well, she’s a really active creature too, which I like. And she is STRONG. She keeps nudging me and biting on me. I know she’s just being silly and playful, but wow! This girl is pure muscle. She’s gonna run circles around me.

I think she was hungry. I remember her getting a snack after we talked and before we raced. I guess “horses” like these orange sticks called “carrots”. Hey, why can she eat sticks but I can’t?

Now We Are Friends

Well, we sealed our new friendship with a hug. She only lives a few houses down from my humans’ house, so I know I can see her pretty regularly.

And after we talked and snacked, we had our first race! Just like I guessed, she beat me easily. She was so fast and strong, it was honestly cool to see! I’ll need her to teach me a few pointers to see if I can run any faster. I almost caught up to her a few times, too!

I can’t wait to see my new friend again. I’ll be sure to challenge her to a rematch!