Dog is Confused by Dad Pretending to Act Like a Dog and Copying Him

Hanging out with my best human pal! I just love being with him, there’s nothing like it. Sometimes we like to play outside, walking and playing fetch. But on days like these where we stay inside? It’s wrestletime!

Whoa, whatcha doing, human? What’s that face? I’ve never seen you like this! Helloooooo? Anybody home?

All righty, now you’re really starting to weird me out. What are you- wait, are you trying to act like a dog? Like me? But why? You’re not a dog! You’re being a… copycat!

Okay you know what? I don’t hate it! This is actually pretty cool, human. You’re reminding me of me! Unless… you’re trying to make fun of me? No, that can’t be it. He’s just mimcking me because he thinks dogs are cool right? Mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery, as they say.

Keep it up, human! Maybe next time we can do a skit where I’m all dressed up like you and act like a person. I could walk on two legs, try to talk your funny language and everything! I bet your friends would like that.

Okay, back to business. Let’s try making a face together! That would be super hilarious.

Hahahahaha we actually did it! You do a pretty good impression, but nothing is as cute as the real deal.

Bark time! You’re even getting in on making barking sounds, this is actually pretty great.

I think I like this silly new game we can play together. It’s about time you came down to my turf. But like I said, next time I’m copying you, human!