Dad Hides Under Blanket to Surprise and Play with Dog

My house is quite big and there is a lovely front garden. It has soft grass and I like to play here. I never liked the yard behind the house. It’s wide and plain. There’s no grass there, so I don’t like to play there. The paving hurts my feet if I try to run around.

Nowadays, whenever I go into the yard, I go really slowly, because I really got a fright the other day. Let me tell you what happened…

It was a really bright and sunny day. I was feeling very happy. I like the sun and I wanted to play with my human. I was also hungry, but he just wasn’t anywhere. I went into the yard looking for him, but he wasn’t there.

That was weird. If he wasn’t in the house, or the front yard, maybe he was going to fetch something he’d left there. Well…no sign of him.


What was that?

Suddenly, something caught the corner of my eye. My head just turned on its own. I’d never seen that before. It looked like a rock. How did it get there? Perhaps this was what my human was looking for.

I thought maybe I should just ignore it and go away. Pretend like I hadn’t seen it. I wanted to find my human, after all.


I’m not a scaredy-cat. I’m not! I just like to be really, really careful about things. That’s why I went to the rock very slowly. There was something funny about it. I sniffed and sniffed. I thought I recognized a smell.

Was that something sticking out of the rock? Out of the side? I thought maybe I should go closer and look. Hey, there was something different about this rock. How could something stick out from the side?

I put my head under the top of the rock. I could just about climb into it. This was a rather strange rock. I decided that I should bite it.

Suddenly, the rock started moving.

And then I saw it!


It was my ball. My human had it and was hiding it under a blanket! He pretended to be a rock. Now, I’d got it! I found the ball! It wasn’t a rock, after all. It was a human! And he had my ball!

Revenge! I took it away.

I was sooooo glad it was just my human. Rocks can be scary.

I still go into the yard slowly, though.