Cute Dog Has Confidence in His Sniffer But It Fails Him

My hooman always plays fun games with me, and my favorite is when he hides treats in his hands and has me guess which one it’s in, it’s a great challenge for my sniffer and to make sure I am on top of my game.

The first round is always the easiest because I can smell the treats. After that, it gets a little more difficult because both of his hands start smelling like treats and I just can’t tell the difference! I do have a smart brain up here in this noggin, though, so sometimes I remember which hand he hid the treats in.

Today we are playing my favorite guessing game, and I think I’m going to win! I just have to recalibrate my sniffer and then I am good to go! Time to get me some treats for being a smart boi!

Alright, this is how it always starts. He puts the treats in one of his hands and then does this funny Houdini move to confuse me.

Jokes on you hooman, because I am a very bright boi. I will always win the first round!

He’s hiding some of my favorite treats, too. This makes the game ten times more fun to play! I do get a little nervous right before I choose the hand though… what if I pick the wrong one? Then I don’t get the treat!

Alright, focus doggo, focus. You got this!

Ha! As usual, the smart boi picked the right hand! I got me this single treat and it is so yummy.

I’m ready to play again! Do me a round two, hooman! Do me a round two!

If I get this next one right, I’m going to be so proud of myself. I can’t wait to have me some more doggo treats.

Maybe the cat wants to play? I don’t know, she always sits back and watches but she never plays. Maybe she just isn’t as smart as me.

Wait a second, there are more treats in this hand! Oh my gosh! Did I pick the wrong one?

My confidence is destroyed, I am not the smart boi I thought I was! Or am I?

I mean, there are a ton of treats in this hand, and I did technically choose it… so I won again! Yay!

Alright, time to chow down. This pup is a hungry boi! I did me a win today!