Cute Dachshund Puppy is Terrified of a Dandelion

Walking outside is the best! Every day I find something new and cool to look at. Some days it’s a new bird singing, some days it’s a cute anthill full of bugs, and some days I get to meet other dogs! It’s always fun making new discoveries.

The best discoveries are plants. There’s just so many! And in so many colors, shapes and sizes! My favorite are the flowers that smell so good! I can see why humans use them as presents.

Whenever I find a new flower, the first thing I do is stare it down. I was almost stung by a bee one time because I didn’t check the flower first! Never making that mistake again. Now I examine and examine until I’m SURE the coast is clear. I also like to make sure no one else has dibs on the flower. How mean would it be for me to start hogging someone else’s flower?

A good trick is to also jump around it, just to make sure it’s not a teensy creature or big bug that’s masquerading as a flower. That happened once! I mistook a white rabbit for being a cluster of white flowers, and let me tell you, he did not appreciate being sniffed up like a flower. I apologized a bunch to him, but he still seemed pretty annoyed, so I try to be careful from here on out!

When I find completely new flowers, it can be scary! What if they’re posionous! Some flowers can be really icky and dangerous, even if they’re pretty – just look at buttercups! So excuse me if I’m a little extra cautious with new plants!

But once I discover that the flower is safe, oh boy! I love to show the humans and even see if they’ll take it home! That’s what I’ll do with this flower if it ends up being safe. Being outside is the best!