Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores?

I am always hearing my parents talk about healthy, balanced diets and how important they are to keep fit and strong.

I thought they were talking about themselves until I overheard them saying they thought I needed more fruit in my diet. I was excited because I love food!

I remember once when I got my head stuck in the bin once trying to eat some leftovers. I was just about to crunch down on an old apple when my dad ran over and told me to put it down.

I thought I was in trouble but he said it was because some parts of an apple are bad for me.

I was confused as they have fed me apples before. However, what I didn’t know was that they always cut the apple up for me and leave out the inner core. I have been intrigued as to why this is so I have dug into some research to find out.

While fruit and vegetables are a very healthy snack for dogs, especially in a low-fat diet, some should be avoided.

Apples are a rich source of fiber with vitamins A and C but the core can be hazardous to dogs as it can become a choking hazard. Furthermore, the seeds contain small amounts of cyanide which is dangerous to us.

I have to chase my tail soon so let me tell you if you can feed apple cores to your dogs or not.

Is it safe for dogs to eat apple cores?

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. I have heard this old adage countless times but is this necessarily true for us dogs?

The benefits of apples have been well taught to humans from a very young age but I want to know whether this true for dogs as well.

Thankfully, apples are a very versatile fruit that can act as a healthy snack for dogs too. This fruit is very low in calories and has a sweet taste that most dogs enjoy.

They are a great substitute for unhealthy dog biscuits and similar snacks, especially for dogs that may be overweight like my neighboring Pug, Frank.

Apples may be delicious on one side but some parts can be harmful to dogs. To begin with, you should never feed a dog a full apple as this can become a potential choking hazard, especially with smaller dogs.

Inside apples, you will find little seeds. These are not safe for dog consumption because they contain traces of cyanide. In extreme circumstances, eating these seeds can result in the death of your furry best friend.

However, if a dog eats one or two, they will most likely be completely fine but consumption of many seeds should be cause for concern.

If you believe your dog has eaten a large number of apple seeds, contact your veterinarian immediately and seek their advice.

How should you prepare apples for your dog?

Apples are a nutritious and delicious snack for me and my hairy pals as long as you prepare them correctly.

When feeding your dog any apples, you should:

  • Wash the apple to remove harmful pesticides and bacteria
  • Core your apple so your dog can’t eat this part
  • Remove the stem and seeds as the stem can prove to be a choking hazard and the seeds contain harmful cyanide
  • Peel the apple but this depends on how your dog prefers it
  • Cut the apple into slices and chunks but this is more important for smaller dogs to prevent choking

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you should peel the apple to cut down any extra fibers that could upset their digestive system. To prevent possible side effects and illnesses, never feed the whole apple to your dog.

Can dogs eat applesauce?

Apple sauce is safe to feed your dog but only in small portions. It has been found that applesauce shouldn’t constitute more than 5 percent of your dog’s diet. Nonetheless, you must check the ingredients of the sauce when in the store.

Make sure it is not high in additives, sugar, or coloring as these can have potentially harmful effects on our digestive systems and even cause chronic illness. Instead, look for organic, sugar-free brands with no preservatives or artificial colorings.

Try not to feed us too much fruit, especially if you are already including a lot in your dog’s diet. Too much fruit can leave us pups with an upset stomach and a messy patch on your household floor.

Is it safe for puppies to eat apples?

Puppies can eat apples but under strict supervision by yourself.

If they have never eaten an apple before, you must keep a close eye on them to make sure they do not choke on any pieces that may be too big.puppies eating apple

Furthermore, you will be able to see if apples cause any digestive issues soon after so you can know if apples are safe for your pet from then on.

Always cut the apple into smaller slices so your puppy can digest it easily. If the first time goes well, without any issues, apples can become a great treat for your puppy.

If you’re unsure, consult with your veterinarian first before feeding your puppy with any new food substance.

Can senior dogs eat apples?

Older dogs, like Aunty Lola, can eat slices of apples as part of their healthy diet but the higher levels of sugar in this fruit may not be completely suitable for those with diabetes or cancer.

All dogs are different so some can eat more than others. This generally depends on the dog’s size and breed.

For most dogs, one or two slices of an apple a day is the recommended serving as this tasty fruit should only make up around 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. You can always add apples to a meal so your pooch has a healthy, balanced dish with all the vitamins and nutrients they require.

In Summary

Simply put, dogs can not eat apple cores because of the potential choking hazard attached and the seeds inside which contain cyanide which is dangerous to dogs.

Apples are a healthy snack for us but only if you prepare them correctly. That reminds me, it’s time to chase my tail!