Can Dogs Drink Gatorade?

I can only discern between blue and yellow, so everything sort of looks like Gatorade to me and my pooch pals, even water.


It’s a good job I’ve got a powerful nose, otherwise, I wouldn’t know what I was drinking until it was already in my mouth.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking..’Hey…this guy’s dog. How does he know what Gatorade is?’ Well, you humans guzzle down so much of the stuff, we observant woofers can’t help but pick up a few things, and to be perfectly honest, we love it too.

It can help us replenish electrolytes after a big old walkies or extended fetch session in the park. We can’t have too much, though, or the sugar can upset our tums and then nothing in your home or car is safe. Carpets, chairs, beds…wherever we are when the poops come is where the poops are gonna fall.

So, If we’re particularly zonked, we’re partial to a little splash of Gatorade. I’m not sure what sodium or potassium are, but they sure boost our energy after a hard day’s snuffling, sniffing, barking, zooming, and peeing on every tree in a five-mile radius.

That said, it’s best to just give us some lovely, reliable water.

Is It Good to Give a Dog Gatorade?

We do love a taste of the good stuff, but only in certain situations. If we’ve had runny poops for a while, it can really take it out of us, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. Diarrhea can drain me of water faster than I can drink it, and my tongue’s essentially a big old spoon.

My problem is that I love the sugary taste of Gatorade so much, that if I can get my paws on it, I can’t stop myself from guzzling it down, which is why, human, you must be responsible.

Only ever feed me a sip or two. Sometimes I dream of drinking puddles of the stuff, but if you give me any more than that just a splash, it can be really bad! In fact, rather than worrying about whether I can drink Gatorade, you should be worrying whether it’s all that good for you.

Our toofs are made of the same stuffs, so if it gives me toof troubles, it gives you toof troubles too. If it makes my belly squelch around and growl at people, it will make your belly squelch too.

Although we refined, mature pooches enjoy a tipple every now and again, you must promise to never share the good stuff with a pup, one of mine or one of yours. It can hurt their kidney beans and cause diabetes.

Most of the time, we’re happy enough with a nice crisp cold bowl of water. It keeps us happy and healthy and has no nasty side-effects other than lots of wees.

Can Gatorade Kill Dogs?

This is not a very nice question to ask a friendly pooch such as me. This is most insensitive indeed, but if you must know, yes, Gatorade can do the nasty on us, but only if we have big puddles of it.

It’s full of human-made junk that doesn’t sit right in our fluffy tums. It probably isn’t too friendly on your own fleshy human tum neither, so I’d be careful if I were you.

It can balloon our bellies out until we can’t move so good, which is out of the question because zoomies mean a lot to me, and I need to be fighting fit to chase cats and butterflies.

What Can Dogs Drink Besides Water?

Our absolute, definitely, best, best, favorite is coconut milk. It helps us recover after zoomies and makes our coats look silky and smooth. It can also help our immune systems grow big and strong so we don’t get sick.

Some of our dinners contain coconut too. It’s delicious and I love it. You can’t just give us puddles of it, though. You have to give our tums time to get used to it. Just a little splash every day is plenty, thank you.

We can have a little bit of milk once in a blue moon, but we feel a little weird about stealing the cow pup’s juice. My friend from down the road, Mimble…top bloke, he had just one tongue spoon of moo-moo milk and he was pooping puddles for days. He had what his human said was an allergy. Instead, you can give us a little taste of oat milk.

If you feel generous, you could also share some of that fruity juice with us, but only if it’s healthy for you. We’ve got a sweet toof, but we know deep down that sugary stuffs are bad for us.

We love fresh fruit, you see, for chomping and slurping. WOOF! NOT GRAPES THOUGH! WOOF WOOF WOOF. Those things are nasty. They can hurt our kidney beans.

As civilized doggos, we also enjoy the odd herbal tea, just as long as it doesn’t contain the sleep stealer.

Sometimes, when I’ve been a very good boy, my human treats me with a special doggy beverage full of good, healthy things that make my tail wag so quickly I think I might take off straight on up into the sky.

Can Dogs Drink Sprite?

Although we dogs are intrigued by the lovely bubbles in those drinks, you best not give it to us.

Little splooshes of Gatorade once every now and again is one thing, but fizzo pop is full of caffeine, which is a big no-no for us.

I once slurped up some cold stuff out my human’s mug when they weren’t looking and it had some caffeine in it. I couldn’t snooze for two days, but I was twitchy like when I dream about chasing pigeons.

Oh, boy was I sleepy, but I just couldn’t nod off. It was bad, bad, bad. Gatorade doesn’t have any sleep stealer in it, but still…water is best.

How Do I Hydrate My Dog?

There’s an old poochy proverb that goes something like…you can lead a doggo to water and you can bet your bottom biscuit that it will drink. What I’m trying to say is, make water available to us and we’ll slurp away in our own time. 

Don’t settle with just one doggy bowl. Have a few in different rooms, and always bring some water when we go for walkies and fetch in the park. Make sure you keep our bowls clean too. We don’t like drinking smelly water, no sir.

Do your best to keep our drinkies cool as well. When the shiny yellow ball in the sky gets hot, try putting some ice chips in the water so when we need a guzzle, it’s nice and refreshing. I’m getting thirsty just woofing about it.

Sometimes, to make water more exciting for us, you can make a bouillon broth. A low salt one would be best for we fluffy fellows. That should get us slurpin’ like crazy!


There you have it, human friends. Now you know how to keep your fluffy family healthy, happy, and hydrated.

We can have a small sploosh of Gatorade, but we prefer water or one of the treats I woofed about earlier. Now, how about giving me some head scritches for being such a good boy?