Can Dogs Be Gay?

For canines like myself, we’re open to anything. I see what I like, and I go for it.

I’ve been walking on my paws for long enough to understand that my humans have a different view of relationships than I do.

They make a lot of sounds and movements that we dogs simply cannot relate to.

So, let’s discuss this concept of “gay”.

From my understanding, “gay” is when a female dog is interested in another female dog, or when a male dog is interested in another male dog.

You’re hearing this from a real expert here, whether you are a fellow dog or a dog’s human.

Can Dogs Be Gay?

The Short Answer 

In the simplest of explanations, we dogs do whatever we like when it seems the most appealing. If I saw another female dog, especially when it’s my time of the year, odds are I’m going to be interested in her. 

In fact, if I saw a cat that I thought looked attractive, I’d probably make a move on them too. I’ve known dogs who have been interested in cushions, stuffed toys, and even their own human’s legs. There’s absolutely no judgment in the canine world.  

The point I’m trying to make is that the short answer to this question is: yes and no. Dogs can be considered gay, but not in the same way as humans. 

The Long Answer

Whilst us dogs will hump anything on sight if we’re in the mood for it, that’s as far as the concept of “gay” gets for us.

Humping and making a move on another canine doesn’t always have to be sexual for us! We can’t talk, after all, so we communicate through actions. 

My human once told me off for trying to mount another bitch when we were in the park, and I was confused because I was just trying to play with her. 

  • The Playful Mount: If we see another dog that is in a playful mood, our way of communicating that we’re in the mood to play around is by mounting them. Sometimes it leads to humping, but it’s not sexual. We don’t have social cues and norms like humans do (from what I have witnessed, at least. I’ve never seen my humans do the things my friends and I do). This playful mounting can happen at any time throughout a dog’s life, regardless of whether they have been spayed or neutered. 
  • The Dominant Mount: I’ve met some dogs who don’t understand the concept of playing or socializing. When I was younger, I used to try to mount big dogs to make myself seem larger than I actually was. This is because mounting, and often humping, can be an attempt at showing dominance. I’ve seen the same with some humans because they will puff their chests out and look tall. 
  • The Helpless Mount: Like humans, dogs have hormones that can sometimes get out of hand. When I’m in heat, sometimes all I want to do is find a dog to…you know. The same goes for dogs who haven’t been neutered. We can’t help it! 

Can Dogs Be Emotionally Gay? 

We dogs do form emotional bonds with other dogs. I live with two other male dogs who I love dearly, and I’ve only mounted one occasionally to play.

There’s a cute bitch who I see in the park sometimes, but I don’t always want to mount her. 

What I’m trying to say is that we do what feels right to us at the moment. It doesn’t matter whether we have an emotional bond with another dog or not.

We don’t connect romantically in the same way that humans do, because it’s not in our nature for complicated relationships. 

There is no judgment between dogs. All we focus on are cuddles, food, walkies, and playing with other dogs. Canine canoodling is just as normal to us as barking at the postman. 

Is My Dog Gay? 

I’m not sure what it means when two humans of the same sex canoodle, but I know that it doesn’t matter with dogs. If you want to label your dog as gay, we don’t care! 

Humans and animals are different in so many ways. Relationships are complex for all of us regardless of species, so how can it be possible to label a dog as gay simply because they mounted another dog of the same sex? 

The way other dogs and I behave doesn’t align with sexual orientation, because it simply doesn’t exist in the canine world. If you want to put a label on it, we don’t care because we can’t understand you! 

I once knew a male dog who frequently canoodled with other male dogs, and still impregnated a female dog. This is a great example of how our behavior cannot simply be aligned with orientation or a label as with humans. 

What Does It Mean If My Dog Is Gay? 

It means nothing! 

From my understanding (by watching moving pictures on a screen with my humans), humans don’t have the most equal relationship with their species.

It’s the complete opposite in the dog world, because dogs who have homosexual tendencies live as much of a fulfilled and joyful life as dogs who have only ever canoodled with the opposite sex. 

It doesn’t mean that your female dog won’t be able to have children, because she might still want to do things with a male dog. 

I’ve been interested in a cute female Cocker Spaniel AND a handsome male Pomeranian at the same time. My human still treated me with cuddles and food and walkies, so I can’t be a bad dog, right? 

So…Can Dogs Be Gay? 

If you want to put a label on it, sure, dogs can be gay! Sexuality doesn’t exist in the canine world, because there are no rules.

We’ll canoodle with whoever we want to canoodle, whether it’s another dog, a human’s leg, or even a tree. 

Perhaps humans should take our lead (pun definitely intended) to embrace sexual and emotional fluidity – though I’ve never seen a human canoodle with a tree.