Brave Little Dogs Protect Their Backyard from Big Brown Bear

Today is a fun day for my mom and me. We are playing outside because the weather is so nice! She even got me these super yummy frozen pupper treats. I love them, they’re so yummy and my mom said that they’re only for the best bois! Which, obviously, means me.

Anyway, I was running around and trying to chase my (nonexistent) tail. For the most part, I was minding my own business, except for when I tried to get up in the squirrel’s business. They deserved it though!

As I was being the best boi I could be, I noticed this very large dog wandering into my yard! As I initiated defender mode, I noticed something… This wasn’t a dog…

It was a bear aka a heckin’ big floofer! I was so scared, but I knew I had to protect my mom! If something happened to her, who would give me snacks?

Or what if they sent me to the pound?! Nope, that isn’t going to happen.

I have to tell this bear to get lost… but how? He’s so much bigger than I am!

And look! He’s eating the squirrel’s snacks! Not on my watch, big floofy boi. That is not your squirrel snacks! That food is for my arch-nemesis.

The squirrel snacks keep them coming back, so I can play “chase the squirrel” whenever I want.

That was my last straw. I need to get super brave and tell this bear to leave at once! “Hey! You there! You are trespassing!  That is not your squirrel snacks!”

Why isn’t he listening to me? Maybe he doesn’t speak bork… What else do I do?

I didn’t want to have to do this, but I’m going to break out my teeth. You, bear, will not bring harm to my family or steal from the squirrels.

I called my brother out to come and help me because this big boi is much too large for me to try and tackle alone.

He’s a bit goofy, but I figured having him help was better than nothing!

Success! Do you see how fast that floofer is running away?

I could have easily done it without my brother, just don’t tell him that. I want him to think he was a big help today (it helps boost his confidence, he can be a little insecure at times).

Alright, time to run back and make sure my mom hasn’t had a heart attack out of fear. I’m sure we will get plenty of doggy snacks for this job well done!