Best Dog Wipes – Please Your Pup With A Treat For Their Butt!

Speaking on behalf of many dogs, there’s nothing we like more than a good old scritch and groom. Whether it’s our ears, paws, or butt, really getting in there with a grooming wipe has our tails wagging faster than you can say “walkies!” However…

When you fail to get the wrong wipe, like when my mom bought these ones with a smell I just HATED (grrrrrrrrr), you might upset us pooches.

Maybe we’ll run away, maybe we’ll take it out on you. Either way, it won’t be pretty.

Don’t worry: as the ultimate Good Boy, I’m here with a list of great wipes, approved by me and my fellow canine companions. All I ask for in exchange is some praise, and maybe a treat or two? Please? I’ll even sit down!

1. Glandex Dog, Cat and Pet Wipes by Vetnique Labs

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Available with 24, 75 or 100 wipes, as well as in multipacks, the only reason I wouldn’t recommend Glandex wipes is ‘cause they’re recommended for cats too. And I really, really hate cats. Grrrrrrr, the one on the packaging is looking at me….

Being non-toxic, alcohol and paraben free, they’ll keep my coat looking nice and shiny, as well as avoid any ouches or irritation. Plus they contain something called a deoplex enzyme, which apparently makes us less stinky. Hey, I’m not stinky…!

Whether you’re washing our butt, head, ears or tail, these wipes work great! Especially for those pups who are unlucky enough to have trouble with their anal glands, and have a habit of doing stinky toots.

I also like to feel pampered – it’s not just humans who like a spa day, but pooches too! – and the delicious smell of these wipes, plus added Vitamin E, Aloe, Moisturizers and Conditioners used, leaves me feeling like one dashing doggy.

Much as I don’t trust vets, my dad certainly does. And he says that these wipes were both formulated and recommended by veterinarians, which is apparently a good thing. They were also made here in the USA, and I love America! Woof!


  • Comes in several sizes to suit your human budget
  • Lovely fresh scent (doesn’t smell like cats or other dogs!)
  • Stops us scratching our butts on the floor, even though it feels sooooo good
  • Leaves us extra soft and ready for snuggles

Room For Im-paw-vment

  • Stop letting cats use these wipes. Down with cats. Dog supremacy now!

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2. Pogi’s Pet Supplies Pogi’s Grooming Wipes

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Made just for dogs (as they should be!) these special quilted wipes from Pogi’s Pet supplies are a fantastic choice for your dog’s butt. My dad said they’re some of the most affordable on the market, and they’re also great for a bunch more reasons!

Personally, I’m a pooch with a refined palate, so I like the Green Tea scented wipes; those with less fancy tastes or more sensitive noses might prefer the unscented option. Not everybody can be this tasteful!

Totally free of all of those nasties like parabens, chemicals and alcohols (grrrrr) they’re completely hypoallergenic and good for all dogs of any skin type. Now that’s what we like to see – all dogs deserve to look good and smell better.

Like I said, looking after the planet is very important to us animals. It’s our only home and you humans are ruining it! These wipes are made from bamboo fiber, which dad says is 100% sustainable and harvested efficiently… whatever that means.

Want a one month supply so you can give your good boy or girl the scritch and clean they deserve, whenever they need it? Choose between 100, 120, 240 or 400 wipes. I’m not sure which of those is the most, because I don’t know how to count.


  • Multiple smells to choose from – exciting sniffing adventures ahead!
  • Great for the earth, made from bamboo
  • Extra soft for gentle butt cleans that won’t result in a sad awooooo
  • Big enough for even the largest, strongest pups (like me! woof!)

Room For Im-paw-vment

  • Their logo is a French Bulldog, and as a Golden Retriever, I think this should be changed

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3. Earth Rated Dog Wipes

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I trust the humans at Earth Rated, ‘cause they say they have dogs and developed these wipes with their own canines in mind. Made by dog lovers, for dogs? Sounds like the perfect product to this pup!

Dogs with sensitive noses might prefer it if you stick to the unscented option. Fluffy friends who are a fan of many smells however might love the floral lavender wipes you can also get. Dogs CAN get more adorable… by smelling like flowers!

Thanks to the use of all natural shea butter (I thought butter went on toast? You humans are very confusing) aloe vera and chamomile (again, isn’t that tea, for drinking? Strange creatures!) any dog will be left soft and shiny after every use.

We love walkies and these wipes are great for putting in your bag when it’s time to hit the road. You know what else would be fantastic? Some treats. Yeah, you should probably put some treats in there too, for good measure. I’m not biased.

Now, lots of cool dogs come from Canada and this company is located there. From my Canadian pals, I have learned that their customer service team is very friendly and also excellent at belly rubs. I highly recommend a belly rub from them!


  • Gentle but durable – cleans up even the toughest, biggest pups (whimper)
  • They donate wipes to those poor doggos stuck in shelters, which I think is a worthy cause worth woofing about!
  • Smells great – excellent sniff factor
  • USDA-Certified and 99% biobased…. Whatever that means

Room For Im-paw-vment

  • You can only get 100 or 400 wipes – an in between might be nice!

[amazon box=”B07NHGX19F”]

4. Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Spring Water Wipes

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These wipes are meant to be great for between bath refreshing, and as a dog who hates baths (I’m barking very loudly just thinking about one) I for one highly recommend these from Nature’s Miracle. Anything to stop unnecessary bath time!

Gentle enough to use every single day – yay! – and suitable for any dog of any age, from frisky pups to canines in their twilight years – they use Spring Water to ensure your pup is left feeling squeaky clean, refreshed and happy. Can I get a woof woof?

I’m not very good at counting, but you can get up to 1200 of these wipes in a pack, which my dad says is fantastic value for money. It also means that if your dog rolls in some poop (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!) you’ll always have a cleanup method.

Completely alcohol free, yet still able to safely get rid of dirt (even though I LOVE rolling in it), dander and bad smells (which I still say are very interesting) your dog will certainly not mind you wiping them down with one of Nature’s Miracle(s).


  • Available in different scents for inquisitive humans (and dogs!)
  • Advanced, deep-cleaning formula with NO nasty ingredients (or cats)
  • Adorable Golden pup on the package. 5 paws out of five for casting!
  • Much better for your canine than an antiseptic wipe

Room For Im-paw-vment

  • Some customers seem to be barking about these not being especially damp wipes

[amazon box=”B00JGSM1EK”]

5. Burt’s Bees For Dogs Multi Purpose Grooming Wipes

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My dad loves Burts Bees lip balm, so he was really excited to discover he can wash my butt with the same sort of stuff. I especially like the bright yellow packaging, which is very easy for me to spot and fetch for him! Woof!

Developed with natural ingredients like honey (which I have heard is incredibly delicious), these wipes are chock full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Dad says these are like treats for our fur and skin, so I’m totally down for that.

Whether you have a little puppy or a large boy, these wipes are pH balanced to suit canines of any age. Not that I’m old – I prefer the word distinguished – but as a pup who’s been around the block a few times, the wipes aimed at all dogs are best.

Wiping from the back of the ears right down to the tip of the tail (feel free to give us a belly rub or a butt scratch on your way) these wipes clean up every inch of a pup. You can use them for regular paw and spot cleaning, with zero worries!

Again, I hate to validate anything a vet says or does, even though they are good at making ouches go away. But dad said I have to point out to you humans that vets recommend these wipes for its 100% safe, dog-friendly formula.


  • From a brand that humans know and love – humans (well, mine anyway) are smart and I trust them!
  • Quick and easy – reduces the opportunity for wiggling and squirming by nervous pups!
  • Full of natural ingredients like delicious honey. Mmm…. honey…..
  • Backed by vets, who I am begrudging to trust but dad says we have to

Room For Im-paw-vment

  • Only available in small, fifty count packs

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Best Dog Wipes Buyer’s Guide

I’m talking as a dog here, and not as a human, but I asked my dad to help me read some books and blogs so I could give you the best possible advice. If you’re worried, always consult your vet’s advice.



Us pups have skin that is way more sensitive than your thick human stuff. We can, as a result, get sore or irritated much easier, because our skin pH level is alkaline, whilst people’s skin is on the acidic side.

Think back to Chemistry class if you can.

Now, I don’t know what any of these are, but my dad says you should avoid cleaning wipes with any of the following: synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates and alcohol (though sometimes alcohol is fine for rare occasions, like boo boos)

He also wants to let you know that high doses of strong ingredients should be avoided, and any antibacterial characteristics must be taken from tiny amounts of those harsh ingredients. The smallest percentage possible! What’s a percentage?

Antiseptic Properties

Not to sound like a vet (grrrrrrr, I hate those guys) but some responsible owners use something called an antibacterial wipe on their doggos. My dad does, but he recommends you do so sparingly to prevent the irritation I barked about above!

If your pup has especially itchy skin (sometimes called barber’s itch… what’s a barber?), red and itchy bumps (I can’t see the color red but I’m guessing it’s quite distinctive), excessive shedding or a dull coat, antiseptic wipes may come in handy!

Speaking on behalf of all furry friends, I recommend you opt for the wipe that has the best cleansing, bacteria fighting properties (again, I’m just repeating what dad told me to say here, I don’t know what bacteria is) with a soothing, non-stinging formula.

Packaging/Number Of Wipes

Now, I don’t know what a dollar is, but my dad said you can save them and get better value for money if you pick some wipes that give you more per pack. Some offer hundreds, others not so many. I don’t care as long as I get my butt wiped!

I have also watched him struggle to use his human paws to open certain packs. Although it is very funny to watch, I think the cool ones where a new wipe is dispensed immediately after taking one are the best where humans are concerned.

Plus, we want to save our Earth, right? Earth is where all the parks and treats and big blue splashy places are! Try and buy recyclable packaging where you can – my dad says this means we’ll get to enjoy the planet for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use baby wipes on dogs?

No! Do I look like a baby?! I’m a big, strong, good boy! Not a baby! Wrong species aside, I haven’t even been a puppy for years! Okay, being dramatic aside, you probably shouldn’t use baby wipes on me or any other dog. Why?

Well, even if they’re safe for a baby’s sensitive skin, our dog skin is much softer and suppler than a baby. Yeah, I said it. What are you going to do? Stop me from hanging our with babies? Good, they steal all the attention!

In all seriousness, you could probably use a baby wipe to clean up your pup in a pinch, but we’d prefer it if you stuck to dog’s wipes. You should also avoid cleaning our eyes with them, unless you want it to sting us and get growled at for your trouble!

Wipes made especially for us are designed with our different pH level in mind, so we won’t be tempted to bite or lick any irritation. Using a baby wipe to clean us up could make things a whole lot worse!

Should you wash your dog’s paws after every walk?

Well, if you don’t, you’re not allowed to get mad at us for getting muddy pawprints everywhere. How are we meant to clean our own?! We don’t even have thumbs! And you get mad at us if we lick a certain area too much! And dirt tastes gross!

Speaking from experience, uncooperative pups (not that I am one…) are far more likely to offer up their paws to you for a tasty treat. Be sure to get in between each toe ‘cause it feels good when you do it and you’ll prevent fungal infection!

Just a gentle rub down with a towel should be enough, and there’s no need to take us to the rain machine (I think dad calls it a shower?) every single time, just on especially wet and muddy days. Those days are the BEST!

Us dogs are pretty good at cleaning ourselves, so don’t worry about doing a perfect job. We’ll get any spots that you miss – there’s no need to be super thorough. We might end up getting grumpy if you do it too often.

Can you use dog wipes every day?

Yes… with a few buts thrown in there. Hehe, butts. Now, I’m a dog who loves a good wipe down. Especially inside of my ears…it feels so good and I go all squirmy and wriggle out of dad’s lap! So long as the wipes are safe and dog-friendly, that’s fine!

However, when you’re using antiseptic wipes, or if your furry friend isn’t an especially good boy like me, you should try and use them more sparingly. This is to stop any soreness from developing as a result of the antibacterial ingredients!

Plus, if your pup doesn’t sit, shake and lie down as well as I can, and won’t stay still while you wipe, it’s best to avoid it while you can. This will stop your canine companion from getting angry, and also make your life as their parent much easier!