Are Huskies Good With Kids?

So, you have questions about huskies. Well, as a husky, I can tell you that most questions about us can be simply answered by “huskies are the best”.

Look, I’m not trying to brag or anything, but we’re the most majestic and beautiful dogs around.

We’re the closest to our ancestors, the wolves, so it’s no wonder we’re the best.

But fine, you want to know if we’re good with kids. I suppose I can answer that, we huskies are good and kind and generous, and have I mentioned we’re the best?

I can take some time to answer the question (but I expect treats).

To sum it up, we huskies are extremely friendly and good-natured. We’re basically amazing dogs. We get along with everyone, and we’re always eager to keep the peace. We love getting to know other dogs and making friends.

And although we also love people, we’re not that bothered by them, so there’s no danger of us being mean! We’re perfectly good with kids, and we’re actually a great family dog.

So there. You can have a tiny human and also have one of us at the same time. No problem whatsoever.

The reason why we’re so good as a family dog is because we are pack animals, even more so than other dogs, as we’re closer to our ancestors the wolves, from whom the pack instinct comes from.

This means we’re more willing to get along with everyone, and we have a deep sense of loyalty towards our family. And yes, if you introduce them right, that also includes the kids.

In fact, we huskies always remain puppies at heart. We’re full of excitement and high energy…just like kids. And that means…yup, we love playing with children!

With a husky around, you won’t even need toys. We’ll play with the kids until we’re both so tired we fall right asleep.

And because we’re very intelligent and aware, we’ll always be careful not to accidentally hurt the child, and we’ll protect them from any possible danger.

Are huskies aggressive?

Are we aggressive? Absolutely not! As I said, we’re incredibly good-natured and friendly, and we love being part of a family.

And although a lot of humans call us dramatic (I suppose we can be a little bit dramatic sometimes, but we’re the royalty of dogs, so what did you expect?), we actually have a very even temperament.

This means that we’re not volatile or unpredictable at all, so there’s no danger of us suddenly going psycho on you or having a mean tantrum!

Of course, if we’re brought up in horrible circumstances, we can end up becoming aggressive. But that is something that happens with all dogs.

If we grow up abused and afraid, we’ll be constantly alert and on the defensive, and will be prone to biting. This is always horrible and should be avoided at all costs.

Dogs should all be in loving homes! And as long as we are, there will be no behavioral problems, doggy promise.

So umm..yeah. Although we’re the closest dogs to wolves, and despite us being big with sharp teeth, we’re not aggressive at all. We’re good-natured, friendly, and loyal.

Are huskies high maintenance?

One of the reasons why humans sometimes hesitate to get one of us huskies when they have kids is because we’re known to be very high maintenance.

And it can be a bit of a struggle to handle the needs of a young child, with the needs of a husky.
But is this true? Are we really that high maintenance?

Well, I’m sorry to say it, but yes. We’re super high maintenance. Again, we’re the royalty of dogs, we’re majestic and beautiful creatures. Of course, we take a little work!

Our pack instinct is really strong, so we hate being alone. We need to be in a family and we need to have constant interaction in order to be happy.

Basically, we want attention. A lot of attention. All the time. And trust me, we’ll ask for it. Maybe that’s what they mean by us being a little dramatic…oh well.

Apart from attention, we also need a lot of physical exercise. Like, a lot a lot. Just imagine a young kid, after having eaten a huge bag of sugar…yeah, that’s us, only we take forever to finally tire out. We just have so much energy!

That’s because we’re still closely related to wolves, which are total power machines. And us huskies were also bred as working dogs, so we’re used to working all day long, in really harsh conditions, with not a lot of food.

We’re honestly super-dogs. But that does mean that we have that energy, ready to go, and we need to be able to spend it somehow.

This is also why I wouldn’t recommend you keeping me in a city. I need to be somewhere where I can go on super long walks and run around and be kind of free.

There are many other reasons why we’re high maintenance, like the huge amount of work it takes to keep our beautiful fur in top condition…but you get the idea.

We’re a lot of work, so although we’re great with kids, make sure you can handle us both at once!

Do huskies like to cuddle?

Do huskies like to cuddle? Are you kidding me? YES. GIVE ME ALL THE CUDDLES.
All of us have different personalities, so not all huskies will like cuddling at the same level.

But as a general rule, we’re very affectionate dogs and we love cuddles and snuggling and kisses and love.

As I said, we just crave attention all the time, so smothering us in hugs is a pretty good way of showing us that we’re the best thing in the world and in your life.

It’s also yet another sign of how social we are, and how friendly. We really do hate being alone and we love sharing our time with other dogs and with humans.

We know, just like wolves did, that pack life is the way to survive and thrive.