Golden Retriever Practices His Mean Face In The Mirror

This funny dog was staring at himself in the mirror and then started practicing different faces.

You may be wondering what Golden Retrievers are like, and luckily I am here to tell you everything about my favorite breed!

After all, I am an expert, being a Golden Retriever myself. 

I am one of America’s favorite dog breeds, so there must be a reason for that, (maybe it’s just because I wag my tail a lot)!

If you are wondering whether you should get your own fluffy friend, and if a Golden Retriever is for you, then you may be wondering how smart we are, and how easy we are to train!

But first, you’ll have to know what kind of dogs we are (the bestest kind).

Golden Retriever

What is a Golden Retriever?

As a Golden Retriever, we are normally medium to large sized gun dogs that were originally bred to bring back shot waterfowl and game birds, hence the term retriever!

We are generally white, golden, or more red in color, or so I’ve been told…I can’t tell, and we make great family dogs. I love playing with other dogs, little kids, and all types of humans!

I am best known for my fluffiness, and my thick wavy golden fur coat. My owner often says I am a lion, and I believe her. 

Despite being a big hairy good boy, I have a really gentle disposition and a very loving and caring nature, which makes me a perfect furry friend for the home.

I’m also super easy to train, as I am very very very good at retrieving, and learning new things…as long as there are treats involved.

Golden Retriever

Are Golden Retrievers Smart?

So, are Golden Retrievers smart? Yes, of course we are! We love to play, bring you toys and sticks, and we love being active. With the right training, all we want to do is please you 

You may be surprised to find that according to my human, Golden Retrievers are the fourth smartest dog breed in the world, just after the Border Collie, German Shepherd and the Poodle. But I’m a nicer doggie, and a gooder boy. 

I’m so high up on the intelligence list because it does not take me long to learn a new command. I love pleasing humans, and so I will pick up a new trick in no time at all.

Just make sure you have a lot of rewards for me to enjoy. I am also super easy going, which is why I am America’s third most popular dog breed, and can learn lots and lots of commands. 

Us Golden Retrievers are even used as guide dogs, because we love having responsibilities and duties to do for you. All we like in return is a good head pat, or if you’re feeling extra nice, I love a belly rub. Lots of belly rubs! 

As a breed, we are totally devoted to pleasing our owners, which makes it easy to train us. We are also super patient, and have a naturally strong work ethic, being bred to be working dogs, and part of the sporting dogs breed group. 

Golden Retrievers can even learn new tricks in less than 5 repetitions. As I can learn so many commands, and can take on training easily, I am one of the most intelligent dogs, and the most obedient in the world!

Golden Retriever

Are Golden Retrievers Dumb?

No! Golden Retrievers are one of the most intelligent dog breeds ever, so don’t be fooled when I’m a little goofy, I just like playing around. I can be a little bit of a doofus, but I’m still really lovable. 

What Is Bad About Golden Retrievers? 

I don’t think there is anything bad in our natures! The only problem we tend to have is that we really, really like food.

With my short legs, and my tendency to eat whatever is in front of me, I can get a little tubby.

But my human still hugs me anyway, they like my fluffy belly. Keep in mind that because of our love of food, we can become overweight, which can hurt our legs and put more pressure on, which we don’t like. 

Another thing we are really good at is being nice. I love meeting new people, and I’m not scary at all. I like making new friends, and I love lots of pats. My owner tells me I’m super soft, and that I would make a bad guard dog, but I do my best.

Golden Retriever

Can Golden Retrievers Be Aggressive?

I’ll be honest, some dogs can be aggressive, but it depends on the dog, and how well the owner has brought them up. But, it’s not common for my breed to be nasty or angry.

We are well known for being one of the friendliest breeds ever! There are always some dogs that ruin our fur-iendly reputation, but this can be avoided if owners never hurt us, punish us, or fail to socialize us with other people and other doggies.

Do Golden Retrievers Protect You?

Naturally, I am a kind and gentle dog, and I do not want to bark at anyone. I prefer snuggles, kisses and when you rub behind my ears, so I try not to bark at humans much. 

But, other dogs of my kind are so easy to train, that their owners tell them they can bark and attack other humans if they go to their house unannounced.

But generally, we are not the best guard dogs, as I prefer to lick rather than bite people.

Golden Retriever

Are Golden Retrievers High Energy?

Sometimes, we can be a little high energy, but that’s only because I am so excited to play with you! I love playing! I especially love it when you throw a ball and I get to bring it back.

This is probably why they call me a retriever! I will bring the ball back every time you throw it. Even if you throw it 100 times, I will bring it back so you can throw it again. 

I do have a lot of energy, and I love walking, running and playing, because I am a sporting breed of dog. Just make sure that you exercise a dog like me, and keep us active, and we will get along fine!

If you wear me out and take me for long walks, throw my ball and make me chase after it, I will calm down and sleep when I get home. 

What’s The Difference Between A Golden Retriever And A Labrador Retriever?

Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are often confused, and we do kind of look alike. The main difference is that I have a fluffier, furrier coat, which is usually darker and softer than a labrador one. 

We do both love to retrieve things for you, and we are very very good doggies, as labradors also make excellent guide and service dogs!

Labradors have short, coarse fur, muscular builds and shorter noses, whilst I have a long sniffer, great for finding food, and much longer hair, which means I have to have more baths. Which I do not enjoy. 


If you are thinking of getting a dog, then a Golden Retriever like me is a great choice!

We’re super intelligent, easy to train, and we just want to please you.

I promise we will give you lots of kisses, love and will follow you wherever you go.