Adorable Miniature Dachshund Puppy Tries to Play with Pet Lorikeet Bird

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but wowee, is that an exhausting job sometimes! That’s a tall order, to be the best firiend of an entire species. And some dogs have done such a good job! Lassie, Scooby-Doo, Zero. It’s quite the legacy to live up to, and it can be intimidating, let me tell you!

But you know what? I don’t mind that my human has brought a pet bird into our home. I mean, birds are not that exciting, so I will still be the star of the show. And they make such pretty music! They like to sing all sorts of different songs, so it’s like having a relaxing Spotify playlist going all the time. Birds just like to stay in their cage too, so I don’t have to worry about stepping on them or them accidentally flying out the window. I bet they’re great TV buddies, too!

Let’s Check Out the Newcomer

Well, all righty, let’s get a looksee. I think I heard what my humans called this kind of bird. Something called a lorikeet? It’s a tiny birdie with bright colors. How interesting! Looks like they’re not in their cage, either. Oh, I be she’s also curious about me. We just met, after all! I’m a dachshund – I have a small frame and short legs. So I wonder if the lorikeet thinks I also look strange.

Huh, this bird doesn’t have a snout, just a sharp beak. It must be hard, having a hard mouth like that! Although I bet it comes in handy when eating crunchy food or when someone’s really bothering you. I’m sure, since we’re both animals, that I’ll be able to learn the birdie’s language one day. Then we could talk for hours! Maybe I’ll even understand the lyrics to her songs, too!

I gotta say, she’s even more chill than I expected. She doesn’t poke or flap her wings. Well she’s really calm! Maybe I need to put some life in her. Or maybe I could give her some time to get used to things. I’m just impatient! I wanna play now!

Well, maybe we can talk, at least. I know a few bird words from the bird’s nest in the tree outside. Let’s see if I can communicate back! Ohhh, I wish they’d make a Babbel program for learning bird language!

Lorikeets Are Interesting Creatures

So, maybe I was wrong. This bird isn’t boring. It’s got a colorful look and a colorful personality, which will make things more exciting around here. Just so you know, a lorikeet is a sweet and friendly bird, and I think we will get along just fine with my new buddy.

Lorikeets are also smart like dogs, and they can even talk! That’s a cool trick (as long as they don’t disturb my sleep). I like this bird so much, but it doesn’t have a name! I think I will call it Lorrie. Hey, Lorrie. You’re gonna be just fine with me.