What Happens When Dogs And Humans Switch Cuddling Roles?

Titan the Great Dane is not too happy when his human decides to snuggle on top of him. He thinks he is the only one that can do that, and lets him know about it.

Since we first approached the campfires many years ago, we’ve known being man’s best friend is a good deal. But it’s not just a great deal for us.

1. We don’t know when you’re being lazy by sleeping in, and if we did know, we wouldn’t care. Hit that snooze button!

girl hugging dog


2. We love you even though you leave us every day and refuse to let us have your cheeseburger.

dog and woman


3.  We’re as soft as a rug and twice as warm. How many other friends can you use as a pillow?

little girl with white dogs


4. Whatever you’re into, we’re into. And it’s the most interesting freaking thing on earth.

boy and dog recycling


5. Because your other friends have already said no to camping eight times. But we never will!

woman and dog campfire


6. No one is going to mess with someone who owns a bear. (And they don’t know we’re cowards.)

little boy on stairs


7. Because we’re willing to wear a hat even if it makes no sense.

dog in hat


8. Even when we’re small, we’re loyal.

sleeping baby and dog


9. Because we got your back. Tell me this isn’t the perfect dating profile pic.

man with dog


10. We’re the only ones who won’t nag you after a long day at school.

little boy and shiba inu


11. We’ll even help you take care of the other family members.

dog and cat


12. We make the best babysitters… and we work for scraps.

baby feeding dog


13. And you get to watch us grow up and guide us!

puppy and pig


14. If you can’t walk us, we’ll walk you!

vintage photo girl and dog


15. We’ll get you out and going, even when you really don’t want to.

girl with dog in boat


16. We can help you feel young again. (And you’re exactly the age you feel.)

old woman and dog


17. Or make you feel a little more mature and responsible.

dog in blanket


18. We may not know why you’re sad, but we’ll be there in your worse times…

little beagle


19. …And we’ll help you celebrate when you feel better.

happy girl and dog