18 Puppies That Love Playing in Puddles

It’s official, puppies in puddles are just about the cutest thing we’ve seen this year, and that’s hard to beat!

With the rainy season longer than ever, lots of us are spending more time indoors and waiting for the weather to clear. We definitely need a little joy in our lives after all the seriousness of the past year or so, and watching our favorite furry friends have the time of their lives is the perfect way to do just that.

A puppy puddle is usually something we don’t look forward to finding in our homes (hint: think potty training), but these capricious canines are doing a whole lot more than just making messes. They’re warming our hearts with nothing but a few inches of rainwater and a whole lot of mud!

Even if we can’t be as carefree as these pups are, let’s watch these cute puddle puppies (or ‘puddies,’ whichever you prefer) have some fun splashing around with their favorite humans!

husky drinking water

“Oh look! Chocolate milk!”


dog in muddy water

“Boy oh boy, who knew a stick in the mud could be so darn fun?”


beagles in water

“Let’s just pretend we’re drinking water, then splash them when they look the other way!”


dog running mud

“No clean clothes, no nice looking blouse, and no cute eyeliner for you! No think you, only mud!”


dog in mud looking at camera

“My legs just look short because of the puddle, I’m actually really tall for a dachshund!”


Puppy in muddy water

“It’s an au natural look, you know. I call it — P’Uporeal. Clever, no?”


french bulldog in mud

“Maybe if I sit here really still, they won’t make me come inside and clean up!”


puppy cooling off

“Duuun dun, duuun dun. . . Hey Hooper, I think you’re gonna need a bigger boat.”


mutt in mud puddle

“Well, are you gonna throw that thing, or am I gonna have to make this more interesting?”


fluffy dog in mud

“It’s a big old mud party in the USA, and you’re totally invited!”


golden retriever

“Hop on in, the water’s slimy, thick, and lukewarm! Doesn’t that sound just perfect?”


corgi in mud

“You don’t actually expect me to have fun in this thing, right? Who do you think I am, a common dog?”


kid and dog

“Jimmy, it’s freezing cold out here! Don’t you think we could go find a puddle that doesn’t involve high winds and low temperatures?”


tricolor dog running



french bulldog

“Don’t you know it’s not nice to take pictures of people freshening up? If you take one more picture of me in the bath, I’ll splash that grin right off your face!”


dog in puddle

“I like that guy in the reflection, he seems like a really swell pup! I hope he sticks around a while.”


funny chihuahua

“I’m siiiinging in the raaaain, just siiiinging in the raaaain! What a glorrrious feeeeeelin’, I’m haaaaaapy agaaaaain!”


golden retriever

“It’s totally okay to pee in public puddles, right? Right, guys? Right?”