Adorable Bulldog Puppy Loves Owner’s Kisses

Every time this guy stops kissing this adorable puppy, he puts his paw on his face to bring him back. It is so cute to watch.

Whether you are single because you love time by yourself or are single and ready to mingle, there are dog breeds out there who will fit right into your lifestyle. There are dogs who like to run, dogs who can help you meet people, and dogs who are happy to just sit around while you give them treats. Okay, all dogs are happy when you give them treats. Here are some dogs you might want to find to fit into your single life.

1. Great Danes
Dog Breeds for Single Lifestyle

Having a Great Dane can make you the center of attention, which could come in handy if you want to meet people. If you are living solo, you will not have to worry about this dog’s size being a problem for children — unless you have some who visit regularly. You will need to be at least a little financially secure since Danes eat a lot of food to support their size. Most Great Danes will weigh more than 100 pounds when they are fully grown. They can also present an imposing presence that will make someone living alone feel more secure.

2. Golden Retrievers
Dog Breeds for Single Lifestyle

Golden Retrievers don’t really care if you are single or from a huge family, they just love humans. If you are single, you can bet that these golden-haired buddies will be super happy to spend a lot of time hanging out. They are comfortable in a lot of different places, like dog parks, the beach, dog parks, hiking trails, or dog parks. They are also alert, so they can let you know when a scary stranger or a suspicious squirrel is headed your way.

3. German Shepherds
Dog Breeds for Single Lifestyle

If you want a great companion, a serious protector, and an intelligent but fun partner, think about welcoming a German Shepherd to your home. They are loyal and very trainable, which makes them fun to be around, but also an excellent choice for support animals or personal protection. If you are single but also looking for friends who share your interests, there are a lot of groups centered around humans who have German Shepherd dogs. If you are an active single, this breed might be just what you need.

4. Labrador Retrievers
Dog Breeds for Single Lifestyle

If there is one dog who everyone just loves to say, “Hi”, to it would be the Labrador Retriever. They are sweet and lovable dogs who just want to spend some time with their humans and show them a little love. They are so happy to help that they make great therapy dogs. When you have a dog that can cheer anyone up just by being themselves, you will open doors to meeting all kinds of new friends.

5. Boxers
Dog Breeds for Single Lifestyle

Despite having a name that sounds kind of tough, Boxers are real sweethearts. They love the great outdoors so if you are the kind of human who likes hiking or camping, rest assured that a Boxer can keep up with you. Plus, they are really friendly, which is handy since you might be planning to go camping or hiking with friends. Boxers are easy-going but can also be very protective of their humans. They are also good with kids; in case you meet a special someone who has little ones.

6. Pugs
Dog Breeds for Single Lifestyle

All this talk about hiking and exercise is tiring. Maybe you just want a dog to chill with and binge-watch a Dog Whisperer marathon. If that sounds like you, a Pug is a dog you should check out. They are great at being playful and silly, followed by a real love of snuggling and taking naps. If that sounds like your lifestyle, get a Pug! Plus, they are compact, which makes them wonderful travel companions.

7. Chihuahuas
Dog Breeds for Single Lifestyle

If we are talking about traveling light, we need to talk about the tiny Chihuahua. Yes, we know, sometimes they can seem a little yippy, but they are also really happy taking naps and sitting on your lap while you spoil them. For single folks living in a smaller city apartment, that is not a problem for a Chihuahua. They are okay with some time away from their humans and with proper training will not tear things up if left alone during the day. Plus, they are pretty cute, which can help you meet new friends.

8. Yorkshire Terriers
Dog Breeds for Single Lifestyle

For sheer cuteness, you will not find a dog better than a Yorkshire Terrier, also known as a Yorkie. Yorkies are really tiny and have been known to be dressed up with bows and cute costumes, although not all of them love it. Like most smaller dogs, they are great friends for humans who live in small apartments. You don’t have to worry about taking a lot of time to walk them because just a walk around the block feels like a marathon! And finally, they like to be pampered and are known to enjoy some low-key snuggling.

9. English Bulldogs
Dog Breeds for Single Lifestyle

No dog is more low-key than an English Bulldog. For a very chill companion who fits into your relaxed lifestyle, these guys are just what you need. They have a reputation as the laziest, er, most relaxed breed, and they love to take naps. Not only that, but the shape of their face and nose make them unlikely to bark much, so they are good apartment dwellers. Just know that they have to watch their weight so do not overfeed them, or it will be hard taking the weight off.

10. French Bulldogs
Dog Breeds for Single Lifestyle

Combine the chill attitude of the English Bulldog with the adorableness of a Yorkie and you have a French Bulldog. These are a smaller breed than their English cousins, but they still love to nap and cuddle. Their smaller size makes them great travel companions and their cuteness will draw others to you, so making friends just became easier.

Just like there are a lot of different kinds of single people, there are just as many dogs to fit every lifestyle. The main quality that will help you meet friends — and maybe a special someone — is finding a dog that is the right fit for you. When we really hit it off with our humans, we can magically make a family, even if there are only two of us in it.