What has lots of fur, a big wet nose, and is waiting on the other side of the fence for you? Here’s 31 examples

dog white fence

As much as our humans think that dog fences are designed to keep people and other dogs out, I would like to think that fences are meant to keep the people and friends we love in. That doesn’t stop me from watching the world go by when I’m outside playing, though. Here are some of my best friends doing exactly what I like to do on a nice, sunny afternoon outdoors.

1. “Now I remember covering something in obedience class about a round peg not fitting through a square hole…but what was it exactly?

dog tennis ball




2. “This is my yard, and you are not welcome to come to play. So take that!”

golden retriever fence




3. “Welcome to my yard, please say the password to come in!”

little dog wooden fence




4. “You know, if I wanted to really impress you, I could jump right over this. If I wanted to!”

dog looking through fence




5. “Peek-a-boo! I see you!”

dog looking through fence




6. “Welcome to our home! I’m Francine, and this is my brother, Jim. We are new to the neighborhood.”

dog metal fence




7. “Do you think maybe later if I’m really good, my friends can come over to play?”

fluffy white dog




8. “The nice thing about a well- built fence is that it makes a fantastic headrest!”

puppy behind wood fence




9. “So, what are you in here for? I ripped apart Mom’s favorite slippers….”

small dog peeking




10. “If I just give you a little tease of how handsome I am, maybe you’ll come in to play with me.”

chocolate lab fence




11. “Me? Stuck? No way…It’s just all my fluff, I swear!”

fluffy brown dog bow




12. “Is it playtime yet? It has to be close to playtime. Dad said we could play at 5 today.”

lonely dog fence




13. “When my human built this fence, I asked for a special window so I could say ‘hi’ to my best friends passing by.”

Dog forehead touch




14. “Surprise! I bet you didn’t expect to see me!”

black and white dog




15. “Now maybe if I turn my head just so, yep, like that, I can squeeze through here.”

english bulldog fence




16. “Mom, I’ve been telling you the grass actually IS greener on the other side. And now they have a rainbow too!”

dog by rainbow




17. “This is my scratching hole. I put my head through the hole, and you are mandated to scratch it. Proceed with the scratching, please!”

curious dog fence




18. “Please send help! This gnome is shifty, and I don’t trust him.”

white bichon dog




19. “Won’t you be my neighbor?”

two dogs friends




20. “Hello! I’m on the neighborhood welcoming committee. If you need anything, just ask Joe, he’s my Dad, and he will help you out!”

laborador dog fence




21. “The saying is ‘three is company,” but there’s always room for one more.”

three cute puppies




22. “Ahoy! Human, with treats on the starboard side!”

curious dog fence




23. “WOAH! Did you just see that? I think I saw that….that squirrel was so fast!”

dog behind fence




24. “It is just way too exhausting to stand and watch the world go by.”

bored guard dog




25. “Hey! Hey! Come play! I’ll be waiting!”

dog white fence




26. “If I can’t see you, then OBVIOUSLY you can’t see me.”

cute dog white fence




27. “Look! Down here! Just slide our treats under the fence nice and slow, and nobody gets hurt.”

dog peeking fence




28. “I know it’s getting dark, but you can stick around and play with me just a little bit longer.”

fluffy dog fence




29. “With a little wiggle to the left and a shimmy to the right, I’m going to spring free in no time.”

dog looking under fence




30. “Could I interest you in purchasing a new vacuum cleaner? How about these pens? A new knife set?”

dog poking hole




31. “The cat made me do this. He said I’d have a treat waiting on the other side. I’m starting to suspect I was set up.”

dog snout fence

dog in flowers

Shiba Inu Have Smiles for Miles

white dogs snuggling

Few things are better than puppies. Unless you want to see a proud dog mom WITH her adorable puppies.