Two Talented Dogs Perform Unbelievable Balancing Trick

Border Collie siblings Ace (black and white, 22-months-old) and Holly (red and white, 28-months-old) show off an incredible balancing trick with their owner.

Confused Dog Follows Human Strangely Walking on Hands Upside Down

Have you every seen anything more impressive than a person doing a handstand? It’s the coolest thing ever, seeing someone balance on their front paws like that. And humans never use their front paws for walking, so it’s even crazier when they do it! Everything must look upside down to them, and they have to be super careful to not fall!

My human has been practicing this for months, and they’ve gotten really good! In the beginning, they used to fall over a lot, and even had to move outside to keep from hitting anyone or knocking things over. But over time, they got to be really good! I’m super proud of them!

And all their practice has inspired me. I want to do that too! I’ve been practicing in secret for a long time. I’ll watch my human for a bit, see how they do it, then go to another part of the house and try it myself! It was difficult at first, but I’ve gotten the hang of it! Not good enough to show you just yet, but I’m getting there!

I Want to Do The Upside Down Trick Too

See, the trick to doing a handstand is balance. If you don’t have any balance, for sure you’re going to end up falling over! And there is nothing worse than falling over doing a handstand. You have to be careful with how you fall, you might sprain an ankle. Just a hassle all-around!

Another thing I’ve been doing is watching my human’s yoga videos. Every time my human does yoga, I sit and watch. It’s so crazy seeing all the bendy things humans can do with their bodies! I like to mimic that in private too, which I think was the practice I needed to master this handstand! It’s always startling when they do it though. So weird seeing a human upside down!

The Longest Handstand Ever

Now, my human is an expert in handstands. I’m telling you, once they’re on their hands, there’s no way you’re getting them back down! They can be there for sometimes three whole minutes! It’s crazy how good they’ve gotten. They used to fall over before getting their legs up all the way.

They’ve even gotten so good that they can come back inside! They used to have to practice outside, because they’d knock things off tables or hit shelves. One time I had to get out of the way because they almost fell on me! But it looks like their balance has gotten so good that they can do it anywhere.

I want to show off my handstand too, but I know that if I do it, I’ll fall after a few seconds. I’m pretty strong, but not quite as strong as my human. They’re like a superhero!

Maybe Another Day

It’s always a relief when my human is back on his feet. I always have to worry that he’s going to fall over, or that I have to get out of the way. I hope it’s not that stressful once I’m able to do handstands!

I always make sure to reward my human after good work too. He deserves to know that what he did was impressive. Now to do some practicing of my own so that I can join him next time.