Monkey, Cat, and Dog Play Around and Groom Each Other

My brothers and I get a lot of odd looks from strangers on the street. My one brother is a kitty, and my littlest brother is a monkey.

And me? Well, I’m just a handsome German Shepherd, ya dig?

Today we were all hanging out, just chilling on the front steps. I had narrowly avoided the bath from mom (Try and put me in the water, lady! Karate dog comes out!) and it was time to relax.

Kitty was being nosy per usual, just invading my personal space! I figured, since I apparently needed a bath, I’d start the process myself. I’m okay with baths but not when there is water involved!

My monkey brother ran up the steps to grab something, but he should be back soon. He’s always monkeying around up there. He’s a wild one (Okay, if we’re getting technical, he is a tame one, but I digress).

He’s back! I have no idea what he’s got with him… not the banana that I thought it would be. It kinda looks like he needs a bath as well, which is ridiculous because our mom just took care of that yesterday.

He likes having bath time, unlike myself. Our mom even brushes his hair with this cute brush that they use on babies. It really is a cool sight to see.

I guess we are all giving baths today. This little monkey is just about on my last nerve. He keeps crawling around me and it’s driving me crazy! Stay still little monkey, we’re trying to wash you!

He looks like he has mashed bananas on his ear, that’s going to take a lot of licking to get off. Better get started, or maybe I’ll tell my brother to help. He’s only taking care of himself (as usual), and he needs to help me wash this dang monkey!

Alright, I guess I’m in charge of taking care of our monkey brother today. While my lazy kitty bro takes a nap! But wait, why does he keep crawling all over the place? He needs to take a seat, he’s monkeying around and I can’t take it anymore!

I’m about to just move out. Between always having to give these two baths and dealing with getting jumped on, it just isn’t a peaceful place for a pup.

But, let’s be honest here. I always come back. The neighbors’ trash simply doesn’t taste as good as my doggy souffle.