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We have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to help plant trees and to reduce extreme poverty in the most critical areas throughout the world.

As of November 2021, we have helped to plant 12,910 trees. Confirm here.

For every item purchased from our store, 10 trees will be planted. Shop here

Why Are Trees So Important To Us?

Before and After Planting Trees

My family purchased a 26 acre farm in the fall of 2019. Many years ago it was all forested, but as far back as my dad knows it has been cleared for farming (at least 100+ years). It was planted in soybeans the year that we purchased it.  We have a goal of reforesting the farm because we love trees and began by planting around 2,000 trees in the spring of 2020.  Trees are beautiful, make oxygen, are a shady spot to rest my paws in the summer, and give a place for many animals to live.  And who doesn’t love fall leaves?!?

In the spring of 2021, we planted around 10,000 trees. We are focusing on trees that produce food and we are trying to create a self-sustaining forest ecosystem by planting a wide variety of trees. Some of the trees my family planted are hazelnut, chestnut, pecan, apple, cherry, plum, pawpaw, persimmon, but there are many others I haven’t yet had the chance to sniff out. I’m too busy hanging out with my feline friend Sherman.

So between those two plantings there are now 12,000 trees on our farm, not including the woods that I love to explore. After we are able to reforest the whole farm, we plan to purchase additional land to reforest. The land was cleared for farming to be able to grow food, but by reforesting with food producing trees we plan to grow food in a self sustaining and regenerative way with less inputs and energy required to produce these yummy calories.

Below you can see the rapid growth of a young hazelnut seedling after planting in the spring to the fall of that same year.  Wow!  They grow faster than my little humans!

Hazelnut Growth

Why Does This Dog Love Trees?

You know what I love? Nature! As a dog, I’m a huge tree enthusiast. After all, knowing the right tree makes all the difference when doing your business. You have to make sure it’s in the right spot for other dogs to smell your scent, and you have to ensure that the tree’s odor won’t overpower or mask your own.

Yes, dogs know a lot about trees, which is why I hate deforestation. If there are no trees, how can I relieve myself? I’ve seen fake yards that some people put on their balconies and stuff, but that’s unnatural and upsets the order of things. For me (and most other dogs), it’s the real deal or nothing.

Fortunately, there are plenty of organizations out there helping solve the deforestation problem. Today, I want to bark about one of them – Eden Reforestation Projects. If you care about the environment (and places to pee), you should pay attention.

What is Eden Reforestation Projects?

This organization is committed to helping local communities plant more native tree species in their backyards. I don’t mean literal backyard, but areas close to home (like my favorite park with the pond and the ducks). Eden works in countries around the world, including Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil, and more. I don’t know where any of these places are, but they sound pretty cool!

Eden’s goal is to plant as many trees as possible to make up for the damage caused by deforestation.

Before and After Tree Planting

What’s Up With Deforestation?

Did you know that about 15 billion trees are cut down every year worldwide? If you’re not familiar with numbers, that’s a 15 with nine zeroes behind it! I didn’t know numbers could go that high!

Anyway, 15 billion is a lot of trees, and people don’t replace all of them. So, billions more are cut down than replanted, leaving huge areas with no trees – just stumps. Can you imagine? It sounds like doggie heck – I would hate running around these places. All dead plants and nothing exciting going on. I bet these areas don’t even have any animals!

But, I wondered, why do humans cut all these trees down? I know they don’t use them as potties, but I thought they liked having trees. But then, I learned that they remove trees for farmland, wood, and other products. Still, it doesn’t seem right to take so many of them. At least, without replanting them afterward.

Planting Seeds Nursery Eden

How Does Eden Help Deforested Areas?

Once my human told me about the problem, I decided to sniff out some organizations that could help. Eden stood out to me for a few reasons that made my tail wag:

  • First, they train and pay local people to plant new trees and manage the forests. Usually, these people are the ones cutting them down for farmland and products. So, by paying them to grow and not destroy, Eden is shifting their perspective.
  • Second, they use as many “native” plants as possible. I learned that native plants are better because they don’t invade and take over the other plants in the area. Like, did you know that blackberry bushes are invasive? I had no idea! Blackberries taste so good, but I guess I prefer other bushes instead.
  • Finally, they follow up with the communities and make sure that they’re working hard to keep the forests in check. According to Eden, up to 80 percent of the trees planted stay alive for years. Apparently, other reforestation projects can struggle with keeping trees alive, and a large percentage of trees planted don’t make it.

So far, the Eden Reforestation Projects has planted over 650 million trees in different countries. While that number isn’t as high as 15 billion, it’s still a whole lot of places to do my business. I don’t think I could ever see that many trees – not in a hundred lifetimes!

Best of all, Eden’s work helps local farmers produce more food without destroying the ecosystem. So, it’s a win-win!

How Can Dogs Like Me Help Eden?

As a pup, I feel like there’s only so much I can do. However, beyond telling other dogs about the issue far and wide, there are a few more things that us pooches (and their humans) can do to help the trees.

  • First, humans can donate to Eden Reforestation Projects directly.
  • Second, they can buy products from this blog. For each item sold, we partner with Eden to plant 10 trees.
  • Finally, humans and pups can go out and enjoy their trees and fight to preserve them. We’re all on this planet together – let’s keep it green and full of trees!
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