Few things are better than puppies. Unless you want to see a proud dog mom WITH her adorable puppies.

white dogs snuggling

We are all proud of our greatest creations, and for most of us, our offspring are our greatest accomplishments. Just like humans are proud to show off their squishy bundles of joy, us pups are pretty enthusiastic about showing our puppies to the world. Here are my favorite proud dog mom friends showing off their adorable puppies.

1. “I know where every last spot is on my babies.”





2. “One day, you’ll outgrow your training-collar, and you’ll get a grown up harness like Mom.”

dog mom and pup




3. “Luke! What have we discussed about manners?!”

two dogs looking




4. “I love you and want you close to me. But sitting close to me is different than sitting ON me.”

fluffy puppy




5. “1. 2. 3. 4. Yep, everyone is all counted and present for dinner.”

fluffy dog




6. “You have so much growing to do, young one.”

dog nuzzling puppy




7. “Hey, Mom. Hey, watch me. Mom, you aren’t paying attention. Mom.”

puppies surrounding mom




8. “I could really use the second-shift team to tag in right about now….”

dog breastfeeding




9. “Well, at least one puppy has normal ears. Don’t tell your siblings that you’re my favorite.”

white dogs




10. “Finally. We got one nice family picture of everyone looking at the camera.

dog family




11. “Do you like them? I made them, and they are all mine.”

beagle mom




12. “Why did I teach them to run? Now they follow me everywhere.”

small dog family




13. “I can think of nowhere I’d rather be than helping my puppies grow big and strong.”

dog breastfeeding




14. “I need a break; my family just expanded exponentially!”

standing dog with pups




15. “I will put you on a pedestal because you are my greatest creation ever.”

white dogs snuggling




16. “Can I just take a little nap here? 10 minutes. Go ask your Dad for help.”

little puppies climbing




17. “For today’s lesson: Playtime 101 With Your Favorite Toy.”

black dog leading pups




18. “Mom, you aren’t listening. Did you hear anything I just puppies poking mom




19. “Someday, this yard will be all yours.”

two huskies



20. “I know what’s mine is yours. But that is not the case with everything, little one.”

two dogs with stick




21. “Haha, you think you’re going to do what-now because you’re “grown” Oh, that’s a good one!?”

dog and puppy




22. “Can you tell us our favorite bedtime story, please? The one with the princess and dragon?”

puppies gathered around mom




23. “Moms are the absolute best. You’re my best friend!

dog walking with mom




dog white fence

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sleepy fluffy puppy

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