Clever Dog can Open Door to Let Herself In

Hey! Hey! I’m out here! Hey- isn’t anyone concerned about me being out here? I want to go in to see the people! I can see you guys in there- why isn’t the door open? Can you open it? How about now? What am I supposed to do- open it by myself?

Ugh, this has happened more than once! My humans can be pretty… forgetful, to be nice about it. They come inside, start making dinner and completely forget that I was outside getting some exercise! I don’t blame them, and they always let me back in when they remember, but wow is it annoying!

Well, some days I just have no patience to wait for them. On these days, I give it a try myself. I mean, I’ve seen all of the humans do it, so it can’t be that hard! You just stand up and turn the thing there. Every day I fail, but maybe today I can do it. I’ll bet if I tried I could stand up on my hind legs! I haven’t tried that before! I bet that when the humans see me I’ll really impress them!

WOW! Look at me! I can’t believe I’m standing up like one of my people! This isn’t so hard! Now I can get an even better view of the humans! Oh boy, imagine what I could do with this trick! Now I can reach the tops of tables, see countertops, open drawers… the possibilities are endless!

Well, first I need to train my mouth to act like a hand. Humans use their hands to grab everything, but I don’t have those fancy thumbs that they have. Let’s see if I can do it…

Whoa! See that? Now I know how to open things, too! Aaaand I’m in! Oh boy, I can’t wait to use this trick on everyone. I bet the humans will be so excited to see how much I can do now. Maybe they’ll start letting me help around the kitchen, or clean up more? I’ll be just like a human roommmate!

But first and foremost, I need a nap! All that running and jumping I was doing outside tuckered me out, and then there was all that work I had to put into opening the door. I. Am. Exhausted. I am going to find my doggie bed, pull my doggie blanket on me, and take a big doggie nap. And when I’m up? I’ll… probably have some bacon treats, and THEN I’ll show my trick off to the humans. I can’t wait!