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Boomer the Boxer listens very intently and seems to understand what is being said by this adorable baby.

1. What is the baby saying to the dog?

When it comes to communication, dogs and babies have a lot in common. Both are highly social creatures that rely heavily on body language and vocal cues to interact with others. And, as any parent who has ever been woken up by a crying baby knows, both can be quite noisy!

However, there is evidence to suggest that dogs and babies may actually be able to understand each other better than we realize. Studies have shown that dogs are able to recognize the sound of a crying baby and will often respond in a comforting way.

Additionally, many dog owners report that their pets seem to have an intuition for when a baby is hungry or tired. So, while they may not be able to hold a conversation, it seems that dogs and babies do have a special bond that goes beyond just making noise!