Burrito Blanket And Dog Makes For Adorable Video

Quick! Name the cutest dog you’ve seen. You can take a minute to think, I’ll wait.

….. you guessed it, it’s me!

Because of my good looks and charm, my owner likes to teach me tricks and film me for all of you to watch. Today, I mastered the burrito roll.


I love when my human throws softball scripts like these at me. Nothing is worse than getting up from a good nap, having a good meal, only to have a complicated video to shoot! Talk about hard work! It’s practically a full-time job, and the pay is wet kibble.

Now that you’ve seen the burrito roll, I wanted to share a few of our other favorite tricks. Maybe you’ll even get to see them in a future video some day!

Open & Closing Doors

Yep, sometimes my owner needs me to serve him. Alas, he’s taught me how to open and close the doors! I’m like his own personal butler.

High Five

Human sometimes needs to validate his own work, so he taught me how to high five! It’s a great bonding moment for us, even if it only lasts a quick second. I have to stroke his ego sometimes (shhh, don’t tell him!), but it’s well worth it for all the love I get in return!


Now this is a crowd fav, but only for us flexible pups. Not all of y’all doggos will be able to master this one. So, don’t get down on yourself if gymnastics isn’t for you!


Another one all my fans LOVE. Humans sure do love their sports. My human needs to get the skateboard for me and put me on board, but once I’m on, I soar down the streets of our cul-de-sac! Just call me Tony Hawk Bark.


Come on now, this is one all of you can master! There’s nothing better than a nice game of fetch with my human, and sometimes his friends!