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  • Newborn Puppy Constipation

    Newborn Puppy Constipation – Avoid These Issues in Puppies

    Hey, there human, my name is Gemma, and I’m a collie. I’m especially happy because I recently gave birth to my first litter! There’s nothing more joyful than a newborn puppy, but boy, am I learning that there’s a lot to keep track of. If you’re lucky enough to adopt such a young pup, you […] More

  • Canine Nasal Mites in Dogs

    Canine Nasal Mites in Dogs – Everything You Need to Know

    Ever heard of nasal mites in dogs? Well, this is a common, highly contagious condition that your dog may be suffering from, and you have no idea. As a dog owner, there are various potential problems that you have to look out for. We tend to develop certain health issues that are not as common […] More

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    Metamucil for Dogs: Should You Use it For Your Dog?

    Have you ever heard of using Metamucil for dogs? If you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place. Oddly enough, some human supplements are safe enough for us dogs to use too, such as Metamucil. That said, you have to take caution when giving us any human supplement, as the dosage may be different, and […] More

  • Best Chew Toys for Pitbulls

    5 Best Chew Toys for Pitbulls: Tough Toys for Powerful Pitties

    Hi human! My name is Daisy, and I’m your friendly neighborhood pit bull. Yes, we can be friendly! Especially when you let us play with our favorite toys. Give us a fun, chewable toy, and you’ll soon find our fun and lovable side. I know what you’re thinking: we destroy everything that touches our moves. […] More

  • Best Outdoor Dog Toys

    12 Best Outdoor Dog Toys – Backyard Toys Your Pup Will Love

    If you’re wondering about the best outdoor dog toys to get for your dog to play with in the yard, you’ve come to the right place, as I am an expert on playtime. My name is Sam, and I’m a Golden Retriever. We’re known for being very energetic and playful dogs. Unlike some other breeds, […] More

  • Taking Care of Pitbull Teeth

    Pitbull Teeth Problems? Here’s What to Do

    Hello there human! My name is Stella, and I’m a friendly American pitbull terrier (not that any of us pitbulls are unfriendly!) Looks like you’re here because you’re curious about pitbull teeth. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Us pitbulls are chewers, so you might be used to throwing us a chew toy and […] More

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    When Do Pitbulls Stop Growing?

    So, you’re wondering when pitbulls stop growing? Maybe you’ve just adopted a pitbull puppy and want to make sure you’re prepared for their growth. Or maybe you’ve noticed your male pitbull, or female pitbull, has continued to grow past the point where you thought they’d stop. My name is Rocky, and there’s no one better […] More

  • Dog Hyperventilating

    Is Your Dog Hyperventilating? – Learn What This Means

    Well, hello there human! My name is Ollie, you friendly neighborhood bulldog. Looks like you’re here because you’re worried that your dog is hyperventilating, and rightfully so. Us dogs pant and breathe quickly when we’re hot and excited, but if you think that your dog is hyperventilating, that could be a problem. If your dog […] More

  • Do Dogs Teeth Grow Back

    Do Dogs Teeth Grow Back? Your Top Dog Teeth Questions Answered

    Hi there, human! If you’ve noticed that your pup has lost some teeth, you may be wondering whether or not your dog’s tooth will grow back. Us dogs are magnificent creatures, and you humans can’t seem to get enough of us! I can’t blame you for being fascinated, dogs are pretty great. But I can […] More

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