18 Dogs Who Surely Made the Wedding List

pugs and couple

It can be hard to narrow down your wedding guest list. Which friends and family do you want alongside your special day? How many people can your venue fit? How do you choose who to invite?

One thing is for sure — these brides and grooms knew that they needed an important member of their family — their best friend, many would say, to be a part of their nuptials!

1. They call it the “sweetheart table,” so of course this sweetie had to join the bride and groom.

bride and groom with dog



2. After a walk down the aisle, it’s time to give these two furry friends their own walk.

wedding couple and dogs



3. There’s nothing like a sunset walk on the beach after vows with your new life partners.

wedding couple walking dog



4. You can’t get your wedding portrait complete without also including the most important family members.

young double wedding dogs



5. This dog shows his happiness that his paw-rents finally tied the knot!

happy couple brown dog



6. Saying “I do” to playing some fetch on the beach to celebrate mom and dad saying “I do.”

bridge and groom dog beach



7. A kiss for mom and dad, and then a kiss for me!

bridge and groom kissing dog



8. This crew of dogs is happy that their parents finally said yes, but they also are really want to attack that arbor of perfectly good sticks to fetch.

young couple



9. This happy family is swinging into their new future.

bridge and groom swing dog



10. Could this pup be any happier that mom and dad finally said “I do”? Well, he might be happier if he could catch that squirrel he sees over there…

groom and bride with labrador



11. The lovely couple’s Dalmations got the memo for the black and white dress code for this special occasion.

dalmation and couple in forest



12. And these happy pugs made sure to match mom and dad on their special day, too!

pugs and couple



13. This floofy pair couldn’t be happier that their pawrents finally took their walk down the aisle.

stylish couple



14. “Mom. Dad. I’m so happy you are getting married, but can we make this day a little bit more about me too?”

couple and black and white dog



15. Nothing like a gang of your favorite furry friends to be by your side when professing your love and devotion to each other.

newlyweds and dogs



16. “Mom gets to hold her bouquet of beautiful flowers, and dad gets to hold beautiful me.”

happy couple kissing



17. What’s better than a nice stroll around the park after an amazing wedding?

couple walking black dog



18. “Mom and Dad said I had to get dressed for the occasion…but can I take this bow tie off after these photos?”

dog wih bowtie

dog and grandfather

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